As much as we love MY Hollow Drum, Low End Theory, and Sketchbook (may it rest in peace), there's something about a DJ that simply plays a great collection of good old-fashioned records that makes us feel particularly warm inside. What follows is the 5 best (and hottest) DJs in L.A. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!:

5. Carlos Nino

Although he has a penchant for psychedelic and even transcendental music from here in the Golden State, Carlos Niño is also adept at Caribbean, and South American rhythms.

Eyad. Workin it.

Eyad. Workin it.

4. Eyad

Eyad's love for records is such that he is rumored to have an entire room in his home devoted to records. It is called the Record Room. In the record room is a collection of new wave, post-punk, and alt-rock the likes of which you have never seen. Some day you will hopefully be blessed enough to hear him play it.

3. Dan Collins

When I say Dan Collins, you say “disco”. Yes. Disco. But not just any disco–mid-70s funk influenced disco. Or is it disco-influenced funk? Either way, it's rad.

2. Frosty

Dublabrat Frosty plays an eclectic mix of well–everything. But he knows his sh*t so well he can. Post-punk, electro, psyche–name it. He's the master of it.

And the Hottest Male All-Vinyl DJ in LA is…

1. Turquoise Wisdom

He is shy so this picture doesn't do him justice. Take my word for it, he's hot. And he plays incredible psyche jams that will blow your mind.

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