Genius always happens at 3 am. The greatest ideas were all conceived in the middle of the night: the theory of relativity, the two-handed tapping solo in “Eruption,” the flux capacitor. So it's no surprise that the greatest finds on the internet happen at the crack of 3.

Sometimes you'll find a website that will change your perspective on the world, like Visualizing the BP Oil Spill. And sometimes you find a guy who can reprogram the Chuck E. Cheese Showbiz Pizza* robot band to play your favorite dirty south anthem. Part-time genius, and (maybe) part-time Chuck E. Cheese Showbiz Pizza** employee Aaron Fechter has reprogrammed the esteemed Rock-afire Explosion band to play whatever song you want, from Bubba Sparxxx to Madonna. For a fee, of course.

Genius, any time of the day.

Witness the top 5 greatest hits by the Chuck E. Cheese Showbiz Pizza animatronic band:

What songs would you like to see Cheesified? Let us know in the comments.

Bubba Sparxxx



Arcade Fire

Nine Inch Nails

Special bonus: Chuck does the C Walk

*UPDATE: Although the best ideas do come at 3 am, perhaps writing at 3 am is not the best idea. During my original post for this magnificent find that I mined from the depths of YouTube, I erroneously attributed these highly talented robots as being highly paid employees of Chuck E. Cheese. This is apparently is not the case, even though the original video that spawned this extremely poignant post was entitled “Chuck E Cheese Robots Rapping.” Thanks to some astute commenters, I was enlightened to the true origins of these bodacious robots: Showbiz Pizza. Although this post was just intended to be a short bit of fun, the history of Chuck E. Cheese and Showbiz Pizza is actually a much more interesting read. Check it out in Andy Beta's 2008 piece for Spin Magazine or check out this documentary about the Rock-afire Explosion, which looks really pretty great. So thanks for the updates, and keep up the research. This is the just beginning of a fantastic story.

**Have you been to Chuck E. Cheese lately? I have. It's terrifying. Lights flashing, robots singing, kids dropping coins into video games–it's Vegas for children, where the only drug is pizza. And it's everywhere. Pizza, that is. Want a cup of grape soda from the vending machine? Not if you don't want to encounter pizza grease smeared everywhere by kiddie paws. Want a napkin? Also covered in grease. Borrow some Purell© from an adjacent teen mom. Apply it to hands. Shudder.

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