In the wake of the Bell salary scandal, we let you know about the Los Angeles County government's top-five earners — including a sheriff's “commander” who was number one with $440,915.61 in take-home last year — in a report earlier this month.

Now we're going to roll out a list of the top 25 earners at the county, including number six, William T. Fujioka, the county CEO who took home $403,140.60 in 2009. That's President Obama money.

(Figures are for “total earnings” that include base salary and, in some cases, overtime and “other earnings.” Departments for whom the employees work are in parenthesis).

1. Name redacted, commander (sheriff's), $440,915.61 (including a $190,070.97 base salary and $250,844.64 in “other earnings”).

2. Elaine C. Yang, senior physician (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center), $430,909.32.

3. Christine H. Holschneider, chief physician I (Olive View Medical Center), $423,533.89.

4. Gail Anderson, Jr., medical director II (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center) $421,648.65.

5. John S. McDonald, chief physician I (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center) $413,807.18.

6. William T Fujioka, CEO, $403,140.60.

7. John P. Gruen, chief physician III (County-USC Medical Center), $402,021.95.

8. Wing-Fai Kwan, physician specialist (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center), $394,656.85.

9. Stanley K. Dea, physician specialist, (Olive View Medical Center), $385,306.87.

10. William Loos, medical director II (Olive View Medical Center), $381,099.78.

11. Biing-Jaw Chen, physician specialist (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center), $367,071.01.

12. Robert G. Splawn, chief deputy (Health Services), $366,831.11.

13. John F. Schunhoff, chief deputy director (Health Services), $365, 637.97.

14. Louis M. Kwong, physician specialist (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center), $360,829.43.

15. Joseph N. Mirkovich, Jr., mental health psychiatrist (Mental Health), $359,947.50.

16. Jonathan E. Fielding, director of public health (Public Health), $358,411.20.

17. Anh H. Au, physician specialist (Olive View Medical Center), $355,096.87.

18. Jesse Thompson, chief physician (Olive View Medical Center), $354,686.03.

19. Jeanette Derdemezi, physician specialist (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center), $353,957.95.

20. Ramesh C. Verma, chief physician (Olive View Medical Center), $353,445.72.

21. Charles Mark Mehringer, chief physician (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center), $350,928.20.

22. Margaret H. Lee, physician specialist (Olive View Medical Center), $350,551.37.

23. Roderick E. Shaner, medical director (Mental Health), $347,475.47.

24. Name redacted, assistant sheriff (sheriff's), $346,829.06. (We have to note here that this one includes a base salary of $87,434.91 and “other earnings” of $259,394.15).

25. Inderjeet S. Julka, physician specialist (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center), $346,547.94.

One of the things that stands out here is the lack of any Spanish surnames. Nearly one of every two taxpayers in the county is Latino and they're not getting in on this gravy train? And you wonder why Chicano Studies exists.

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