It’s almost that time of the year again when most of us try to figure out how to spoil mom. Isn’t that what they deserve in the first place anyway? All moms, however, are unique, with different likes and interests. So in case you’re still contemplating what to get her this upcoming Mother’s Day on May 14, here are some Mothers Day gifts 2023 you can buy for her.

10 Trending and Practical Mothers Day Gifts 2023 to Spoil Our Moms With

1. Jewelry. Still trending for a reason!

Most — if not, all — moms are proud that they are one. This Mothers Day 2023, you can give her a simple or custom ring or necklace. Some Etsy sellers can carve or paint your mom’s initials on the jewelry — but if you feel as though your initials (or her grandkids’) will be much more sentimental for her, you can do that instead!

2. Plants that bear fruit (or staples like flowers and flowering plants)

We know by now that a simple bouquet is usually enough to make our moms happy. That’s why it’ll always be one of the go-to Mothers Day gifts 2023. But since summer is almost there, why not get her plants that will bear citrus fruit, or flowers that will bloom soon? Lemon or orange trees are especially popular this year, thanks to their tasty fruit, pleasant fragrance, and aesthetic appeal. 

Other plants that will flower this summer are roses, poppies, hydrangeas, dahlias, and daisies. Furthermore, if you want your own touch, you can plant the seeds now, and give her the seedlings for her to take care of — lots of moms have a green thumb! They’re simply just nurturing like that!

3. Comfy pajamas

Moms need a break from their day-to-day chores. One of the best ways to help her relax is by giving her comfy loungewear — because it’s always nice to see our moms just chilling on the couch, watching her favorite show, or reading a book. If you want it personalized for her, you can purchase pajamas that can be monogrammed with her name or initials!

4. Soothing scented candles

The great thing about buying scented candles as one of the Mothers Day gifts 2023 — is that you most likely already know what kind of scent your mom is into. Moreover, there are many scented candles that have essential oils that can aid in relaxation. Therefore, not only will her home have a pleasant aroma, momma can also feel calmer.

5. Speaking of relaxation, how about a bath bomb or body wash?

One of the simplest — yet — best feelings in the world is a nice, warm bubble bath. And most of us can agree that if we, ourselves, deserve one, then our moms deserve it way more! Thus, this Mother’s Day, you can get her a nice-smelling body wash or bath bomb!

6. Summer’s around the corner: Get her a trendy hat!

It’s always adorable when we see our moms be stylish. But fashion with a purpose? Even better! Since the summer heat won’t do our skins any good, you can purchase a nice, cute, or fashionable hat as one of the Mothers Day gifts for her! It’ll even be more useful if you’ll buy it along with the #2 Mothers Day gifts 2023 idea when she has to go out to the garden!

7. Perhaps a pair of sunglasses, too!

Choosing the right sunglasses for your mom is fairly easy. After all, they come in various designs, styles, and colors. If you’re still having a hard time picking one for her, there are some tutorials on the internet that can help you find the right pair of sunglasses for your mom depending on her face shape — and, of course, her personal preference!

8. Hot buy for mom this year: A getaway

Sometimes, the best gift for our moms is a simple “break.” She could perhaps use a change in scenery or atmosphere this Mother’s Day. Do you think she’ll enjoy the view of the mountains or the sunset on the beach? Depending on what she’d love more, you can book her a hotel or resort as a gift. If your mom, however, is young-at-heart and has an adventurous side, you can maybe book her a place to stay where there will be a few activities she can engage in. And if she enjoys the company of her family the most, then you and the rest of the gang can tag along!

9. Weighted blankets

If your mom feels the most comfortable staying at home, you can “upgrade” her bedroom by buying her soft, comfy, or weighted blankets — products like that are said to be therapeutic for some people. Who knows, it might just be the calming aid that your mom needs!

10. Once momma wakes up from her slumber, she’s probably going to want coffee or tea.

One of the first things that plenty of people do when they wake up — grab their cup of coffee, or tea. If that’s also part of your mom’s morning routine, you can help jumpstart her day by giving her a coffee or tea gift set that has a variety of blends. If she’s a natural barista, you can even get her a new coffee or espresso machine. However, if momma’s one to get her caffeine fix from a local café, a nice gift card will probably also do!

“She’s the MOM-ent!”

It doesn’t take a lot to make our moms happy. However, we all know that she deserves way more — as moms deserve the best! That’s why whichever among the Mothers Day gifts 2023 — that we listed — you’ll be buying, she’ll most probably be touched by it. And if your budget allows you — you can get her more than one Mothers Day gifts 2023!

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