Etsy sellers seem to always know what’s chic to wear! Sometimes, they’re even the ones who make certain items — like jewelry — fashionable. In case you’re not updated with jewelry trends, most of them can be found on, of course, Etsy! And they’re a mixture of fun, cute, and bold.

Here are some trendy accessories, according to Etsy.

5 Jewelry Trends That Etsy Shoppers Think Are Cool

1. Ear Stacking

Tragus, industrial, and daith — these words may not have meant anything to many had they been mentioned several years ago. However, these days, many are now aware that these are types of ear piercings. But how does one stand out when so many are getting pierced in the same ear locations? Ear stacking! — aka your subtle yet sleek way to make a fashion statement.

According to Etsy, the site had the word “earrings” searched for almost every second last year. Moreover, the site also saw a 16% increase in “ear stacking” keyword searches. But why wouldn’t one want to try ear stacking when Etsy sellers have hundreds of trendy mix-and-match earrings for buyers to try?

2. Statement Arms

Bracelets are simple yet stylish to wear. Even though bracelets have always been a popular item to purchase on Etsy, this year, the site saw a rise in the bracelet trend as there’s been a 67% increase in the “handmade bracelet” search. But these aren’t the typical bracelets that you wear on the wrist — some bracelets are bold and intricately made and some Etsy sellers make arm cuffs and bangles.

3. Novelty Jewelry

If fashion trends come and go, 2023 is perhaps the year when novelty jewelry makes a comeback. But it’s not just an ordinary comeback — it’s a big one! There’s been a whopping 1,188% increase in searches for “birthstone signet rings”, a 75% increase in “vintage statement rings”, and a 52% increase in “Y2K bracelets”.

Even though many of us promised ourselves before that we’ll never look back on our early-2000-version of our fashion choices, it’s difficult to deny that the Y2K era was “iconic.” And now that these kinds of jewelry are becoming trendy again, maybe our younger selves’ fashion sense wasn’t that bad!

4. Flower Chokers

Whether you think the “old money aesthetic” should make a comeback or you just feel like channeling your “dark feminine energy”, it’s hard to deny how versatile a flower choker is — and Etsy browsers probably already realized this. Because in the past 3 months, flower chokers — or neck corsages/rosette chokers — have been searched 91% times more compared to last year.

5. The New Boho

Hippies are almost always hip! This year, however, boho jewelry had a bit of an upgrade — as “fairy core,” “mermaid core,” and “cottage core” seem to also be trendy aesthetics right now. But we’re yet to hear of a mermaid or fairy going to Tiffany & Co. for their jewelry! — from what we *know*, they make their own. Hence, why handmade jewelry that is made out of pearls, shells, stones, and delicate beads is sought after on Etsy right now.

Etsy saw a 235% increase in searches for “handmade beaded bracelets” and a 184% increase in “moss agate jewelry” this year.

Trend Alert!

2023 Etsy jewelry trends seem to look stylish! Trends may come and go, but at the end of the day, your fashion choices should be entirely up to your taste. After all, there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all aesthetic. Fortunately, the great thing about Etsy is that whichever jewelry you wish to add to complete your ensemble, the site’s vendors probably already have them ready to be made or shipped to you.

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