The Daily Beast on Friday posted its list of America's craziest cities. It ranked the nation's largest metropolises based on psychiatrists per capita, stress, eccentricity and drinking levels. Los Angeles came in at a measly 27. Number one? Cincinnati. San Francisco was second.

While it's hard to argue against such hard data as psychiatrists per capita, and we are pretty laid back, our eccentricity and drinking levels are second to none, and L.A. is, of course, the celebrity DUI capital of the planet. We deserve better. We were robbed! Here are some of the reasons L.A. deserves to be America's number one crazytown:

10. We build subways in one of the most earthquake-prone regions of America.

9. Our mayor takes time off to appear on All My Children during city's worst budget crisis in decades.

8. You can legally buy weed from an ex-Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, but just try to get a drop of alcohol from a bar at 2:01 a.m.

7. It's the capital of gluten-free eating, but we act like cupcakes are the second coming.

6. We have spas — including massage and yoga — for dogs.

5. Until last week, you could buy endangered whale sushi.

4. The Mexican food sucks in this most Mexican of American cities (but the Thai food is amazing).

3. Life coaches, biofeedback and “holistic” anything.

2. The Venice boardwalk in August, Harry Perry and Dollhouse Dude.

1. Angelyne, the queen of Angels.

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