For many people, Easter means church services, maybe watching Judy Garland and Fred Astaire circa 1948 in Easter Parade, Sunday brunch, decorating eggs and orchestrating an egg hunt in the backyard. For others, the holiday is synonymous with those neon yellow duck-shaped marshmallows called Peeps.

Peeps, which were reportedly invented in the 1950s by a Russian immigrant candy-maker, are addictive little things — and not because they taste good. They do not. People obsess over them because they come in many bright colors, and more importantly, they blow up when you put them in a microwave. Of course so do normal marshmallows, but what fun is that.

So, on the occasion of Easter Sunday, which is this weekend, we thought we'd assemble 10 of the best Peeps YouTube videos we could find. Because not only is blowing up little yellow ducks fun, but making videos of it is apparently pretty hilarious too. There are, unsurprisingly, many microwaves in these videos, but some creative stuff too. South Park. Australian rules football. The Birds. Turn the page.

10. In which some guy puts Peeps into a 100,000 watt microwave — and channels some vintage Japanese monster movies while he's at it.

9. More microwaving of Peeps, but this time on South Park. (No Mormons, sorry.)

8. Peeps jousting, with cute colored toothpicks for swords. Lovely score. And yes, more microwaves.

7. So many Peeps, so many microwaves. This one is actually pretty cool if you consider all the variable colors.

6. Peeps dancing via stop motion. A lot of thought and creativity spent on colored marshmallows.

5. Australian rules Peeps wars. Not sure when Australian rules incorporated microwaves, but you never know: it's Australia.

4. Steven Spielberg's Jaws re-envisioned starring not Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Schieder and Robert Shaw, but Peeps. Right. It's actually pretty funny.

3. Jaws was funny, but Hitchcock's The Birds with Tippy Hedren and company menaced not by seagulls but by Peeps is a lot funnier.

2. 10 Ways To Kill Peeps, including of course a microwave, but also driving over them, torching them, dissolving them and, my favorite — dicing them with an egg dicer. Perfect for Easter, really.

1. Okay now that you're done blowing up all your store-bought Peeps, maybe it's time to make some homemade ones. It's called catharsis. You destroy things, then you rebuild them from scratch in pretty pastel colors. Think Coriolanus meets Martha Stewart.

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