Top 10 Influential Figures Leading the Way in the California Real Estate Landscape

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1 – Ryan Bos

Meet Ryan Bos, a distinct figure in the vibrant landscape of Southern California’s industrial real estate. As a Partner at KBC Advisors, his journey is marked by persistence and growth. Starting in a challenging time for industrial real estate, he worked his way through several firms, notably making a significant impact at Cushman & Wakefield. There, he specialized in National Tenant Representation, Investment Sales, and Agency Leasing. Drawing on this experience, he later joined KBC Advisors, a pioneering real estate advisory firm known for its data-backed guidance and expansive international reach, including 15 offices across major U.S. hubs. Through KBC, Ryan and his team are in charge of the most prolific Industrial Occupier on the Globe within North America’s leading industrial market.

Yet, Ryan’s story is as much about personal milestones as it is about professional achievements. Away from the intricate world of real estate, he’s a proud father of three, with a fourth on the horizon, expected this Thanksgiving. His love for baseball, rooted in his days as an All-American player at Northwestern University, now translates into playful nudges to his children, hoping they might share his passion for the sport.

Beyond real estate lies Ryan’s passion for the finer things in life. As a certified Sommelier, Ryan dreams of someday opening his own winery, a perfect blend of his expertise and passion. In all aspects of his life, whether it’s his career or personal pursuits, Ryan emphasizes the importance of presence, positive energy, and treating others with fairness and respect. As he continues his journey, both in the real estate world and beyond, Ryan’s story remains a source of inspiration for many.

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2 – Barry Saywitz

Meet Barry Saywitz: a real estate powerhouse and the driving force behind The Saywitz Company. Widely recognized as one of America’s top commercial real estate brokers, he’s not just a deal-maker but an innovator who’s caught the eye of various real estate magazines and publications. While Orange County is home base, his company’s influence spans all 50 states and even crosses borders into Canada and Mexico. Outside of his business pursuits, Barry is also a well-respected author, radio show host of ‘Let’s talk real estate with Barry Saywitz’, and a dedicated philanthropist, lending support to over 100 charities.

In 2001, Barry created Barry Saywitz Properties, turning his focus towards investing in multi-family and commercial properties across Southern California. Today, Saywitz Properties is noted as one of the largest owners and operators of such properties in the region, boasting a portfolio of over 100 diverse holdings across multiple counties. However, his success does not escape self-reflection, stating: “Good old-fashioned hard work and passion for what you do are important factors in being successful, especially in commercial real estate.” As a strong advocate for lifelong learning, he lends his wisdom to upcoming real estate professionals as he emphasizes the importance of strategy in responding to the wealth of information accessible within today’s digital society.

Looking towards the future, Barry is passionate about continuing his philanthropic commitments within the communities where his businesses are located, focusing on key sectors such as education, medicine, disabilities, and support for children and the homeless. Regarding his professional ambitions, while he humorously ponders a beachside retirement, he principally aspires to continue fostering growth within the upcoming generation of real estate professionals in his company, guiding them through his years of hard-earned wisdom. Barry confirms that The Saywitz Company is committed to solidifying its role as a frontrunner in the commercial real estate sector. With an eye on the future, the firm has bold and creative initiatives that are just around the corner, reinforcing its cutting-edge reputation in the industry.

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3 – Denise O’Reilly

Meet Denise O’Reilly. Denise’s journey, both compelling and motivational, highlights a life fueled by artistic passion and entrepreneurial drive. After diving into visual arts and media at UCSD, her adventures took her to Hawaii, where she found herself working behind the scenes of a TV show. But the magnetic pull of Hollywood drew her to LA, where she delved into film and television post-production. Yet, even amidst the glitz and glamour, a personal dream persisted: the desire to create something distinctly her own.

Today, Denise is a phenomenally successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, co-running the minority and woman-owned Flow Equity Partners alongside her husband. The company represents her life ethos – Freedom, Lifestyle, Ohana (Family), and Well-being, in a poetic sense, it embodies Denise’s dream of curating stable and lucrative opportunities in real estate investing, while also providing quality housing for seniors and optimizing living conditions through value-add multifamily projects. By doing so, Denise is looking forward to creating a lasting positive impact on the communities they serve.

At the heart of Flow Equity Partners is a clear mission: to help investors safeguard and amplify their wealth via commercial real estate investments that provide tax benefits, consistent cash flow, and potential appreciation. They aim to achieve this while mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations and inflation.

Her journey into the realm of real estate was inspired by her parents, who invested in single-family homes and ran residential care homes for the elderly. Enlightening reads such as Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” coupled with her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit, propelled Denise on her path to becoming a prominent figure in the business world. Apart from real estate investing, she and her husband also continue the family legacy of owning and operating assisted living facilities for the elderly. They have initiated a non-profit organization, Viewmont Foundation, dedicated to helping seniors who are financially insecure and lack proper insurance.

With numerous awards and accolades to her name, including several from her duration at the real estate brokerage firm where she was earlier employed, Denise’s career is exemplified by her tenacity and steadfast focus on wealth creation. She believes in eliminating the trade-off between work and quality family time, not only for herself but also for her investors. Looking towards the future, she’s committed to offering robust investment opportunities in multifamily and senior & assisted living spaces, thereby aiding families to design their lives according to their desires. As a fervent believer in ambition and determination, Denise’s ultimate personal mission is to create legacy wealth that will benefit generations to come.

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4 – Cassie French

In the cutthroat world of Orange County real estate, one agent carves her niche with an impressive blend of hands-on experience and local expertise: Cassie French. As a realtor with The Agency, located in Corona Del Mar, with an intimate understanding of property valuation and buyer expectations, Cassie’s unique approach stems from her professional journey. Starting as a real estate investor, she has personally overseen the renovation of over 50 homes and gained a deep understanding of which properties sell regardless of market conditions.

Interestingly, Cassie’s real estate experience extends beyond solely selling houses and helping her clients find their dream home. As the proud owner of Classy AF Interiors, an interior design and home staging firm, Cassie provides her clients with an edge with high-end and luxury staging, a service that has consistently led to homes selling for top dollar and spending less time on the market. Beyond just staging, Classy AF Interiors also offers comprehensive home renovation services, assisting homeowners with everything from kitchen and bathroom remodels to selecting the perfect paint colors and light fixtures. This unique blend of services has built an extensive portfolio for Classy AF Interiors, earning them a feature in Palm Spring’s Modernism Week and making them a go-to choice for those looking to maximize the value and appeal of their homes in Southern California.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Cassie is always looking toward the future. Setting her sights high, she aspires to establish herself as a top producer in the Corona Del Mar and Newport Beach real estate markets. She also plans on expanding her home-staging business, aiming to offer an even more comprehensive service to home sellers. Cassie’s unyielding commitment to providing clients with personalized service, expert advice, and a smooth transaction process has resulted in multiple offers for homeowners, even in challenging markets. Her successes serve to motivate her further, pursuing her goal of heading her team. Cassie is genuinely excited about the North Tustin community, and it shows. Her enthusiasm makes her even more dedicated to helping her clients.

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5 – Evan Kasper

Meet Evan Kasper, a real estate developer whose passion for the urban landscape goes beyond just bricks and beams. Evan functions at the epicenter of modern technology and real estate, constantly exploring ways to revolutionize the real estate sector. In his current role as the Founder and CEO of ELK Development, Evan is building about $1B in real estate, focusing on providing a fresh and innovative approach to urban housing for today’s renters who value convenience, flexibility, and attainability. He strives to create spaces that resonate with the needs and aspirations of contemporary urban dwellers, offering a lifestyle that seamlessly aligns with the cutting edge of tech and real estate.

Before stepping into the world of ELK Development, Evan launched the US division of Quarters Coliving, which flourished under his guidance and grew to a global operating business. But Evan isn’t one to rest on past achievements. With ELK Development, he’s on a new mission. More than just constructing traditional multi-family apartment buildings, he’s crafting a frictionless rental experience attuned to the desired lifestyle of today’s city dwellers. From strategically designed luxury studios to fully furnished solo suites, his projects provide a fresh and innovative approach to urban housing, offering Class A amenities, tech-driven design, move-in ready convenience, and ultimate privacy.

As cities change and grow, so do the people living in them. Evan’s deep understanding of this dynamic growth gives him a unique perspective. For him, it’s not just about building structures – it’s about embracing change and innovation. He envisions a future where his vertically-integrated housing solutions positively impact the lives of countless renters in major cities, providing a seamless rental experience that caters to the preferences of today’s renters while also being a valuable asset for his investors. The building program utilized in ELK’s projects not only satisfies a growing demand for upscale flexible housing in urban markets, but also yields a substantial boost to the net operating income, which benefits financial partners through above market rental rates and low operating expenses. With an eye for innovative design and creative financing approaches, Evan hopes to redefine urban housing, focusing on both accessibility and sustainability. It’s not just about business for him; it’s about creating city spaces that truly fit today’s way of life.

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6 – Sarah Chung

Originally from Houston, Texas, Sarah Chung found herself captivated by the breezy climate and captivating architectural beauty of Southern California during her studies at UCLA. This Los Angeles-based realtor’s passion for real estate runs deep, influenced by several family members already immersed in the field. Post-graduation, Sarah delved into the real estate world, accumulating knowledge in diverse areas such as commercial properties and property management.

Sarah has a special knack for assisting first-time homebuyers, simplifying the often daunting process of house hunting in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. Beyond buyers, she partners with sellers and landlords, helping them seal the deal or find the perfect tenant for their spaces.

At the core of her approach is an unwavering dedication to her clients, aiming to make their real estate journey both rewarding and enjoyable. With nearly a decade of experience under her belt, Sarah boasts an impressive track record, having closed hundreds of transactions and facilitating sales amounting to several hundreds of millions. Further elevating her service, she holds a broker license alongside her realtor credentials.



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7 – Cristina Ortega

Cristina Ortega is the driving force behind Mrs. Property Solutions, offering homeowners a fresh alternative to the traditional way of listing homes with a real estate agent. Instead of the usual song and dance, her company, as a cash buyer, can wrap things up quickly without the need for any home repairs. This takes away a lot of the prep work and costs usually associated with selling a home. Cristina’s passion for real estate and her genuine desire to help others was something she inherited from her folks.

She runs her business with a lot of heart, honesty, and a dash of her Christian faith guiding the way. Both she and her husband, Jason, hail from Phoenix but they love spending time in the buzzing streets of Los Angeles.

It’s not just about buying and selling for Cristina and her team. They believe in the power of connections. They’re always on the lookout to team up with contractors, private lenders, fellow realtors, and wholesalers. This approach means Mrs. Property Solutions can offer a more rounded service, making sure they find the right fit for each client’s unique needs.

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8 – David Hirsch

David Hirsch, the driving force behind MIDOS Development Group, is an innovative leader who blends his experience in media and advertising with a genuine love for remodeling and construction. David’s professional journey began with an eye on the construction landscape, leading him to co-launch This platform seamlessly linked homeowners to trusted local contractors, making home improvement a breeze.

Over time, David’s hands-on involvement in general construction, renovations, and development has been profound. He’s played a pivotal role in the successful completion of over 3,000 projects, amassing a combined value of more than $250 million. Leveraging this extensive experience, David has effectively shaped the direction and day-to-day happenings of MIDOS Development Group. Based in LA, this real estate venture is passionate about crafting apartment complexes and ensuring that quality housing is accessible to people from all walks of life.

With David at the wheel, MIDOS Development Group has earned a reputation as one of LA’s go-to local development firms. Their commitment to their customers, paired with a dedicated in-house team, helped the company navigate the challenges of the pandemic, especially when other businesses, reliant on subcontractors, found it tough. David’s vision for MIDOS is clear: to be LA’s leading developer, addressing the city’s housing crunch. In every project, he emphasizes creativity, diligence, and the kind of efficiency that comes from knowing your craft inside out.

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9 – Anna Topolanski

Anna Topolanski is not just a name, but a brand in the luxury real estate arena, embodying an impeccable blend of cultural sophistication and unparalleled professional prowess. Having worked alongside the industry stalwarts, Branden and Rayni Williams of The Beverly Hills Estates, she’s carved a niche for herself in an incredibly competitive market. Born and brought up in the esteemed 6th Arrondissement of Paris, Anna was privy to an environment where world-class architectural marvels and intricately designed properties were the norm, nurturing her innate appreciation for design and luxury spaces. This rich cultural exposure has been further augmented by her experiences in global metropolises such as Paris, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, each adding a unique layer to her expertise.

But it’s not just her geographical journey that sets Anna apart. Her athletic endeavors, where she represented both France and Israel, have instilled in her a discipline and drive that’s unparalleled. This tenacity reflects in every transaction she undertakes, ensuring her clients receive nothing but the best.

In addition to her work in real estate, Anna’s managerial acumen is evident in her adept handling of her family’s esteemed rental property in St. Barths, further showcasing her versatility. At the core of Anna’s professional journey is a commitment to her clients, an unyielding dedication to their interests, and a constant thirst for growth. As the Los Angeles real estate market continues its dynamic evolution, Anna Topolanski stands out as a beacon of trust, expertise, and unmatched professionalism.

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10 – Ethan James

Ethan James stands out as a Realtor® with a distinctive expertise in marketing and lead generation. With over 2 years in the real estate landscape, he is driven by his fervor for elevating Realtors from novices to top-tier professionals. Having secured his Real Estate agent license in 2022, Ethan’s dedication lies in delivering unparalleled services, employing systematic approaches to swiftly bring properties to market.

With a rich background in marketing, Ethan possesses a keen understanding of the digital realm and its potential benefits. He emphasizes the significance of fostering genuine connections with clients in the real estate domain. According to Ethan, building a harmonious rapport with a Real Estate agent can be instrumental in fulfilling one’s property aspirations.

Looking ahead, Ethan envisions establishing his own brokerage. His dream is to create an environment where agents can collaborate under his guidance, benefiting from both his personal mentorship and the collective expertise of his team. His ultimate aim is to empower agents, aiding them in refining their branding and marketing strategies. Additionally, Ethan’s forward-thinking approach includes aspirations for a cloud-centric brokerage model, designed to facilitate remote work and boost efficiency.



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