Remember when Escalades, Navigators and Hummers were all the rage? Dubs (20-inch-plus wheels), loud exhaust and bass music, right? Doesn't that seem like a million years ago? Today to be a true player in L.A., more modest hybrids are the status symbols to have.

Kelly Blue Book on Tuesday released its annual list of its “Top 10 Green Cars,” and despite problems with alleged “sudden acceleration” and recalls, Toyota made it to the top:

1. Toyota Prius. The ubiquitous hybrid that seems to have defined the niche gets an average 50 miles per gallon.

2. Honda Insight. Another hybrid, this one boasts 41 miles per gallon.

3. Ford Fusion Hybrid. A Ford? Yes. An average 39 mpg.

4. Volkswagen Golf TDI. A turbocharged diesel makes the list for its “clean” emissions and 34 mpg.

5. Mini Cooper. L.A. hipsters delight! This BMW-made toy car gets 32 mpg.

The rest.

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