Top 10 Disruptors to Watch Out for in 2023

Innovation is constantly reshaping industries and challenging traditional norms, and 2023 promises to be no exception. From healthcare to transportation, entertainment to finance, disruptive technologies and ideas are poised to shake up established industries and create new opportunities for growth and change. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 disruptors to watch out for in 2023, and explore the ways in which they are transforming their respective fields. These individuals and organizations are breaking down barriers, pushing boundaries, and changing the game in ways that are sure to have a lasting impact on the way we live, work, and play.

Private Equity Ziad K. Abdelnour, the President & CEO of Blackhawk Partners, Inc, has over 30 years of experience on Wall Street and has backed over 125 companies and serial entrepreneurs worth a total of over $20 billion in the private equity, high yield bond, and distressed debt markets. Abdelnour’s goal is to empower smart, educated, well-informed, independent people to create their wealth by explaining how the system works through his two best-sellers, “Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics” and “Startup Saboteurs: How Incompetence, Ego, and Small Thinking Prevent True Wealth Creation.”

Biomedical-For 17 years, Shawna Koch Mishael has been dedicated to addressing the root cause of healthcare issues: the lack of available, accessible, and accurate data. As President of Healthcare & Biomedical at Seneca Global, she has developed a platform product that overcomes the challenges of tech debt, allowing companies to launch new products with clean and comprehensive data, and innovate through collaboration. Her notable career highlights include coordinating “The Interoperability Consortium,” a group of five top IT firms that presented a way forward for a National Health Information Network to President Bush II, resulting in the creation of ONCHIT. In addition to her current role, Shawna has previously worked at IBM, where she gained extensive experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

Awakening Your Intuition Coaching Kerri McKinney is the founder of The Self-Love Movement, a coaching service dedicated to helping men and women overcome toxic patterns and relationships by learning to love themselves unconditionally. After struggling with alcohol addiction as a means of escape from her pain, Kerri found the courage to face her demons and embark on the challenging journey of self-healing. Through The Self-Love Movement, she guides people towards their unique self-love blueprint, helping them release, replenish, and rise.

Kerri’s coaching approach is based on the belief that true healing and transformation come from within. She empowers her clients to release negative thought patterns and behaviors, replenish their minds and bodies with positive energy and self-care, and rise to their fullest potential. Her coaching methods are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, incorporating evidence-based practices and techniques such as mindfulness, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Corporate RecruitingKolby Goodman has been evolving corporate recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, with a proven track record of helping over 3500 professionals land their dream jobs. As a High Impact Employee Recruitment & Retention Expert, Kolby has identified patterns of how companies turn off highly qualified candidates and has made it his mission to help companies improve their hiring process to attract and retain top talent.

Kolby’s approach to recruitment helps company leaders emphasize the importance of creating teams of problem solvers who bring their unique expertise and insights to the table, not just their skills and experience. This approach not only helps companies build impactful teams of Expert Problem Solvers but also fosters a culture of continual innovation and growth. It’s no wonder that Kolby’s work has been recognized by numerous organizations, including USC, Marriott, the American Diabetes Association Hotels, Panasonic, and the Society for Human Resources Management.

ADU Real Estate​​Perpetual Homes, founded by Katherine Anderson, has launched affordable and sustainable Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to address California’s housing crisis. With over 39 years of experience in residential development, Anderson designed ADUs that meet families’ needs and offer luxurious living at a low cost. Perpetual Homes ADUs aim to assist families in maintaining their current configurations, whether it be through the assistance of “boomerang” youth or “move-down” parents.

Multifamily investors are allowed two detached ADUs per property by California law, which Perpetual Homes works with. Since Senate Bill 9 became law in 2022, the company’s customers have enjoyed the benefits of fee simple lot splits, which allow homeowners to construct single-family houses and accessory dwelling units on their properties. The company prides itself on being fully transparent about the overall cost and expectations of the project. With an overall total cost of an ADU starting in the mid-$200,000s, Perpetual Homes’ ADUs offer an affordable solution to California’s housing crisis.

TechnologyStephen Graves is the founder of CertifiedTrue, a startup that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people verify and authenticate digital images through trusted image verification. The ability to easily manipulate digital images has made deep fakes, fake news and image fraud rampant, undermining trust in the digital world and costing businesses and governments billions annually. CertifiedTrue’s PhotoProof platform enables taking tamper-resistant photos that can be easily verified by anyone, making it beneficial for multiple industries like law enforcement, insurance, and inspections.

As an experienced technology and business operations executive, Stephen is a respected figure in the Web3 space who speaks on tech innovation and also serves as Data and Technology Advisory Chair at Gotham Government Relations. Previously, he was head of New Product Incubation at CA Technologies, founded an early digital certificate authority and was advisor to two former Pakistan Prime Ministers. Stephen has also earned PMP, PSM, ITIL and Scaled Agile certifications and an MBA from Heriot-Watt.

CannabisGreen Goddess Supply, founded by Eric Robichaud, produces a patented, award-winning grow system called “The Armoire” that allows users to grow their own clean, organic cannabis flower at home quickly, easily, and discreetly. Their unique grow protocol is designed for beginners, and the system comes with an industry-first 1:1 hands-on Concierge Consulting service. Despite facing challenges launching a manufacturing business during COVID, the company persevered and is now working on ways to make shipping faster and easier while shifting manufacturing locally. Their goal is to “Own the Livingroom” and see The Armoire in homes across America.

The Armoire makes it easy and discreet for the casual consumer to grow at home. While nothing precludes an expert grower from using it, the product was designed to appeal to those who have never grown before, and Green Goddess Supply offers a unique coaching service to teach users as needed. For those who live in “dry” communities, or those who simply prefer to grow their own cannabis, the Armoire enables them to do so without the hassles and issues typically associated with growing at home. Green Goddess Supply’s aspiration is for every home that wants one to have an Armoire grow system, just like microwave ovens and dishwashers.

Entertainment-Eren Legend, also known as Eren Verdi Asrin, is a celebrity personal trainer and Men’s Physique “world champion” based in Los Angeles, California. He gained recognition in 2014 by becoming Canada’s first Men’s Physique “Mr. World Physique” in Montreal and later represented Canada at the International Federation of Bodybuilding Pro Athlete at the Mr. Olympia Showdown in 2015, Las Vegas. Eren has been featured on the covers of over 15+ fitness and modeling magazines and has also appeared on local news channels.

Eren has since retired from competition and has shifted his focus to fashion design with his Legend Fitted apparel line. In addition to his accomplishments in fitness and fashion, Eren is also known for his philanthropic work, having organized and participated in various charity events to support causes such as cancer research and mental health awareness. He is a renowned public speaker and has delivered keynote speeches at major industry events and conferences. Eren’s extensive network includes top brands, celebrities, and industry leaders, making him a true renaissance man in the world of fitness, fashion, and business.

Real Estate Development– Introducing Jack Guttman, managing partner of Glasshouses, a real estate development company that specializes in creating unique and innovative venues for corporate, social, and non-profit events. With a diverse portfolio that includes apartments, office buildings, retail spaces, single-family homes, industrial properties, hotels, senior housing, and self-storage facilities, Guttman has established himself as a visionary leader in the industry.

One of his early accomplishments was developing the iconic Chelsea Arts Tower in Manhattan, which set a new standard for luxury living in the city. Guttman’s passion for design and innovation is evident in all of his projects, and he has become known for his ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

Looking ahead, Guttman is committed to building on Glasshouses’ success and creating real estate that not only looks beautiful but is also functional and sustainable for generations to come. With his vision and expertise, Glasshouses is set to become synonymous with luxury and innovation in the real estate industry.

Business Accelerator-Kay Kienast, CMO of iCMO, is a data-focused infrastructure marketing executive who has enabled three successful exits. She shares her expertise in the rapidly changing technology industry, demonstrating her ability to keep up with market changes and pivot her marketing organization accordingly. In her role as a thought leader, she recognizes the challenges facing the marketing industry, including its role and reporting structure. Kienast encourages readers to keep learning and growing to stay competitive and successful.

iCMO is cutting-edge in the industry, offering a full range of sales and marketing capabilities based on AI and machine learning. The company differentiates itself by offering a customizable approach to marketing, allowing clients to choose the marketing channels, operational and technical capabilities, and success metrics that work best for their business. In the next five years, iCMO aims to grow globally. As a disruptor in the industry, Kienast and iCMO are at the forefront of the technology industry, constantly adapting to stay ahead of the curve.

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