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It’s no surprise that many people are feeling like they need a support system right now, whether it be professionally or personally. The pandemic has been tough on all of us, and it’s made us question everything we thought we knew about work, relationships, and life. We’re all still trying to take things one day at a time, but some people are taking this down time as an opportunity to turn to a coach who can help them both with the day to day, and the bigger picture.

Being in the position of a coach, it’s not easy to make a living as a respected, trusted and well-established figure in a notoriously impenetrable industry. But for those who do find their feet, it’s because of the measurable and unquestionable success of their clients. We’ve rounded up the top 10 coaches on our radar who are doing amazing things and setting their own standards for success.

Raj Girn – Founder of The Open Chest Confidence Academy

When she’s not receiving glowing praise from celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Nicole Sherzinger and Kim Kardashian for her thoughtful and empathetic interview style, Raj Girn is working with Fortune 500 companies, thought leaders and media houses to help bring out their best potential. Raj Girn is a confidence coach, consultant, and mentor, with a goal to build up leaders. After spending 15 years in the media and events space, she started coaching executives and entrepreneurs in media, public speaking, personal branding, niche corporate marketing, and sales. Now she heads up the Open Chest Confidence Academy where she coaches, consults and mentors. In fact, she has just launched her new 11-step masterclass series where she’ll be providing some industry insights in branding, communications and more that will fast-track anyone’s journey. She also hosts her own podcast where she interviews like-minded people who align with the core values of her company’s teachings. She lives and breathes her own lessons, constantly striving for self improvement and always uplifting others along the way.

Christine Deschemin – Hypnotherapist and Founder of UpNow

Christine Deschemin is a certified hypnotherapist based in Hong Kong. After a career in engineering and finance, she has become a leading figure in the mental health industry. On her quest to enhance people’s lives, she has helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and numerous individuals overcome emotional, behavioural, and habitual challenges. She founded the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre, and has created an extensive library of hypnotherapy audios on her UpNow self-hypnosis app, positioning it at the forefront of digital hypnotherapy.

Christine holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. She’s a disruptor in the mental health industry, constantly making access to effective tools easier and affordable as well as educating people about the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy. She is proving that personal development and therapy can be done in the private, comfortable space of your own home. 

Jolie Glassman – Fitness and Boxing Coach

This female success story is proof that through uplifting others, you can find your own success along the way. Jolie Glassman is a life coach and the owner of South Beach Boxing, a Florida based club that’s been going since 1998 and has been called “the most down-to-earth gym in South Beach”. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Masters in Behaviour Modifications with Minors in Art History, Religion, and Philosophy, Glassman also received a scholarship to a program called F.O.C.U.S (For Our Children in Urban Settings), in which only 30 people are accepted every two years. Her experience led her to opportunities such as teaching language arts to at-risk youth, and instructing boxing in prisons. Despite establishing herself as a recognized, respected and successful female run business in her community, this only happened as a result of her tunnel vision focus on her goal to help and inspire others. Through both physical and emotional coaching, she teaches people about mental resilience and personal growth.

Sonja Jhas – Fitness and Health Coach

Sonja Jhas’s success only came about after experiencing her own share of misfortune. She spent most of her youth on a desperate quest to be skinny, starving herself, over-exercising, and trying fad diets. She wanted to feel truly good in her own skin and went on a journey to re-teach herself everything she thought she knew about health and fitness. Now, she’s a personal trainer and nutrition specialist after quitting her career in corporate and has never looked back. Not only does she help people with the physical challenges, but she aids people in overcoming mental roadblocks that keep them on the same self-destructive cycle. She pairs the mental and physical pieces to help people achieve their best potential, celebrating their wins over her own successes. With a growing following of over 400,000 social media fans worldwide, award-winning expert Sonia Jhas is undeniably one of the most influential voices in health and wellness today. With recognized contributions to Huffington Post, National Post, Flare and national morning shows, Sonia is seen as a reliable, trusted, and popular source for inspiration and information. She has graced the cover of multiple best-selling magazines and has been consistently ranked as one of Canada’s leading wellness influencers.

Karie Kaufmann – Business Coach

You could argue that any business coach is only as successful as their clients, and Karie Kaufmann is no stranger to helping businesses take it to the next level. Since 2005, she’s helped more than 1000 business owners and executives achieve their business goals, including tripling digital growth in profitability, improved cash flows, stronger teams, and most importantly, more fun. She uses the Scaling Up and ActionCOACH frameworks, helping to create coachable, growth-minded and forward thinking professionals. Numerous awards, recognitions and accolades, paired with the measurable successes of her clients, has made her a household name and her services a hot commodity in the business coaching world.

Cory Mosley – Business Growth Coach

Cory Mosley personifies drive, motivation, and ambition. Starting his very first business at 17, he was earning six figures in the auto industry by 22. He founded his first consulting company at 24, signing his first Fortune 500 client at 27. Today, he focuses on helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow by providing a single-source solution for cutting-edge training and coaching through his Cory Mosley Business Academy. Based on his “5 Pillars of Business Growth,” he helps his clients thrive in the new economy. His training is specific and targeted to various action points, such as improving sales processes, making brands more visually valuable, and streamlining operations. He practices a “value first” strategy and offers his 15-day business growth video series completely free via his website.

Lonnie Mayne – Performance Coach and Speaker

Lonnie Mayne is the name behind the acclaimed “Red Shoes Living” book. It is an innovative, game-changing approach to standing for the positives in work and life. His company’s mission statement is “Humanizing Business. Ignite Human Potential”. As a result, organizations of all different sizes are adapting this award-winning philosophy that works as a five-step framework, in order to develop a high performance and sustainable leadership model. The goal is to build a “highly engaged and meaningful culture” that empowers people to do “their best work and live their best life”. The success of the philosophy can be found in its practical framework that shows exactly how to engage employees and completely change the customer experience.

Nika Kabiri – Decision-making Coach

Nika Kabiri is a coach in the more unconventional sense. She is a decision science expert who helps people make better decisions so they can move forward and minimize regret. Having spent two decades studying how people make decisions in various contexts like business, politics, and relationships, she uses scientific principles to help clients make the right choices. She offers an advice column, online classes, and one-on-one conversations to help people get unstuck. Teaching decision science at the University of Washington, she also has her own company, Kabiri consulting, where she’s helped businesses like Amazon make better choices. She has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington and a JD from the University of Texas. She’s a regular op-ed contributor, and a frequent radio, podcast, and TV guest. She is co-author of the bestselling book ‘Money Off the Table: Decision Science and the Secret to Smarter Investing’.

Tim Brownson – Life Coach

Tim Brownson is an Orlando, Florida based life coach. As well as offering his own life coaching services, another facet of his business is actually focused on helping coaches themselves to become the best they can be. The best coaches should themselves be continually learning, growing and striving to be better. Brownson’s mission is to help as many life coaches as possible succeed in a developing industry that is highly competitive. As well as offering one-on-one help, tailoring his training to everyone’s personal needs, he also has three packages, and even a book called “The Clarity Method”, a tool for anyone who wants to tap into what motivates clients, colleagues and themselves with core values.

Kate Swoboda – Life Coach

San Francisco based Kat Swoboda, also known as “Your Courageous Life”, wants you to “cut the nonsense” and stop waiting to live the life you were born to live. Through the Courageous Living Program, she helps people to practice daily, actionable tools that build courage and resilience, encouraging people to stop stalling and go after their dreams. She also has her own book called “The Courage Habit”, reminding people that courage is something that has to be learned through accepting your fears and releasing the past. Swoboda offers an extensive interactive library for subscribers full of worksheets, audios, and more.

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