Top 10 Business Pioneers Driving Innovation and Change in their Industry

1 – Tiffany Hallgren

Tiffany Hallgren Crook is an entrepreneur and fertility consultant who dedicated her career to changing the egg donation and fertility space. In the years following her graduation from Columbia University with a master’s degree in nonprofit management, Tiffany found her true calling is to help families create a loving environment. It was in 2015 that she founded TLC Infertility and Donor Services, a boutique agency focused on assisting parents in finding egg donors with accomplished backgrounds.

Tiffany curates a match based on lists of criteria desired by the hopeful parents and the compensation amounts that each party proposes. Throughout the process, her company adheres to a professional, ethical, and systematic way of handling egg donation to ensure both clients are happy and comfortable throughout their journey. A strong advocate for preserving women’s fertility, she’s committed to upholding their right to be aware and educated about their fertility issues. Since the beginning of her career, Tiffany’s been able to assist many couples in forming a new family, and she continues to advocate for the exploration of female fertility with experts in egg donation, egg freezing, and female conception.

At 32, Tiffany was diagnosed with and overcame a rare form of breast cancer. Despite this challenge, she maintained a solid determination to ensure that none of her difficulties affected her noble service of assisting people in building a family of their own. Experiencing first hand that life can change in an instant, this diagnosis also reaffirmed her passion for advocation and education for young women’s fertility; a mission she wishes to continue to highlight over the coming years.

Tiffany will continue to be a thought leader and innovator in the fertility industry and have a significant impact on how the industry operates. Ultimately, she wants to be the leading voice in this area and bring meaningful change that promotes building families for individuals.

2 –  Bryan Bergman

Bryan Bergman is a prominent attorney in the cannabis industry, known for his innovative and forward-thinking approach to the law. An attorney specializing in monetization and expansion of revenue streams for businesses, Bryan protects his clients in a wide range of transactions and helps them maximize the profits from their businesses. As a result, his extensive professional duties are multifaceted and varied, requiring him to wear many hats. Among his numerous responsibilities, he serves on the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Cannabis Section Executive Committee and the Cannabis Policy Subcommittee; a distinction that speaks to his standing as a thought leader in the cannabis industry. He is also a member of the Cannabis Tourism Association International and regularly works with other policy makers and organizations.

Bryan was one of the first transactional attorneys in the cannabis industry in Los Angeles and California. Having been active in the cannabis industry since 2015, he advises operators, ancillary businesses, innovators, developers and investors on the complex and rapidly changing regulatory environment. Regularly, he teaches Continuing Legal Education and General Business Education seminars on cannabis matters and co-hosts the LOOK.Legal Potent Podcast, which examines the intersection between out-of-home cannabis consumption and entertainment business issues.

Despite the challenges of working in the cannabis industry, Bryan is bullish about the business opportunities and creative deal structures available to cannabis businesses. Through his work, he advocates for the development of event and consumption licensing within California jurisdictions and educates regulators about these opportunities for business and community growth. Looking to the future, Bryan already realizes his dream of establishing the POTENT practice area in his firm, which focuses on out-of-home cannabis consumption and immersive entertainment opportunities and cannatourism in California and throughout the world. Seeing great potential in the intersection of cannabis consumption and entertainment, he views the out-of-home consumption sector as an exciting area for growth in the community and industry.

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3 – Mikki Willis

Mikki Willis is widely recognized as a trailblazer in investigative filmmaking, having earned a reputation for producing cutting-edge content that challenges established narratives and encourages critical thinking. Mikki’s groundbreaking series, Plandemic, has made an indelible mark on the film industry, captivating audiences across the globe with its candid approach to complex issues. With one billion views and counting, the series has shattered records for independent film distribution and set new industry standards.

During his career as an investigative filmmaker, Mikki has accomplished several notable achievements. Through his pioneering work in independent film distribution, his films have bypassed censorship and reached an astounding one-eighth of the global population. This innovative approach to film distribution is a testament to Mikki’s entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to getting the truth out to the public. Another noteworthy accomplishment in Mikki’s career is his book, which shares the same name as his groundbreaking series, Plandemic. The book has achieved significant recognition, reaching the number-one spot on Amazon. Mikki has made a magnanimous gesture by releasing the audio edition of his book at no cost on, allowing a broader audience to access the information that he believes belongs to the people.

Mikki’s wisdom is rooted in his unwavering belief that every individual has the potential and right to lead an extraordinary life. It is his goal to encourage people to transmute negative thoughts and energies into positive ones, along with an appreciation of life that is genuine. In his work, he hopes others will be inspired to follow their passions, while daring to question and challenge the status quo. If you’re curious about the Plandemic series and would like to watch it, you can check it out for free along with many of his other movies at

4 – Jad Hilal

Jad Hilal is an accomplished entrepreneur with an impressive background in business and management. In 2008, he graduated from the Lebanese American University with a degree in Business with an emphasis on Marketing, then went to California State University, where he majored in Business Administration with an emphasis on management. With a strong marketing background, he established an online real estate marketing company,HomePro, in 2015. Jad’s success is attributed to his years of work experience as a Finance Director at General Engineering & Contracting Company in Beirut, which has given him a wealth of knowledge in the real estate industry.

Jad’s agency, HomePro, provides a unique marketing platform that connects buyers and agents, making the buying experience smoother and more informed. The company has been around for over 7 years and has a deep understanding of the local market and strong partnerships with local and international companies. Through partnerships with local and international businesses, HomePro provides excellent customer service, with dedicated account managers and solutions for every step of the client’s journey. Their services include comprehensive analysis and studies of real estate market statistics, long-term planning for intelligent investing, and SMS/Email newsletters to keep clients informed and aware of the latest market trends.

Jad’s sights are set on the horizon, where he envisions a future marked by the expansion of his team, diversification of his company’s property portfolio, and an increase in website traffic. These objectives are driven by his desire to secure a steady income for his family, particularly in the face of Lebanon’s current economic challenges. To attain these aspirations, Jad remains resolute in his commitment to personal branding, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and advertising. His professional ethos mandates adherence to the highest standards of work ethics, and he remains steadfast in his dedication to delivering the best possible customer service to his clients.

5 – Max Schneider

Max Schneider, founder of Sand and Salt Escapes, is a leader who is creating meaningful changes in the way high-achieving professionals and organizations prioritize wellness. Max’s passion for mindfulness, travel, and the professional world led to the creation of Sand and Salt Escapes. Pairing movement and mindfulness, his company curates retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica for professionals from all over the world. As part of these retreats, participants engage in activities such as sound journeys, breathwork, painting, yoga, and beach workouts to help them connect with themselves and their peers. Max’s journey to becoming the founder of Sand and Salt Escapes began when he experienced burnout after almost a decade in consulting. Through his prior career as a management consultant, he gained expertise in facilitating highly engaging and experiential offsites for executives and senior executives, contributing to the company’s creation.

Max’s achievements and recognitions are a testament to his hard work and dedication. As a Director at his prior firm, he led multiple multi-million-dollar client relationships and the teams responsible for delivering the work in the financial services and technology industries. The offsites he has conducted for Fortune 500 companies across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia have been attended by groups of five to five hundred senior executives. Max’s pragmatic approach to integrating mindfulness into the pressure-filled world in which high-achieving professionals operate has helped him significantly impact the industry.

Sand and Salt Escapes’ dreams and aspirations are noble yet ambitious. A primary objective of Max’s work is to assist individuals in better understanding who they are, what is meaningful to them, and how they can utilize that information. As part of his mission, he also hopes to change how organizations prioritize employee wellness and development by conducting retreats and workshops that enable them to grow their employees not as professionals, but as people. Max’s vision is to create a world where high-achieving professionals prioritize what’s most important – themselves. Sand and Salt Escapes is a testament to his commitment to making that vision a reality.

6 – Sean Dalesandro

Sean Dalesandro is a visionary Founder and Chief Executive Officer taking an incredibly innovative approach to the commercial real estate industry. During the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis, Sean founded Osprey Real Estate Capital, with the intention of enhancing the lives of neighbors, communities, and stakeholders through real estate development and redevelopment. “I like to fix big problems,” said Sean. By identifying long-term trends, employing sophisticated data analyses, risk management and financial modeling, he is able to identify market strategies that lead to profitable investments and a positive change on the communities in which he works.

With over twenty years of real estate experience (including as an investment banker in real estate industries, where Sean had a front row seat to the excesses of the GFC), Sean has witnessed his share of up and down cycles and has developed a keen sense of macro-economic trends. After the GFC, Sean consulted on everything from the liquidation and acquisition of entire bank commercial real estate portfolios to the debt and equity restructuring of $500MM high-rise condo projects. Things changed in 2010 when Sean went on to work for a developer. After seeing an idea become a completed building and a vibrant functioning part of the city, Sean was forever hooked. Since then, Sean has built over 20 projects, from schools to hotels to bars and restaurants – for him, seeing his developments’ positive impacts on people and communities, never grows old.

Sean accredits his remarkable success to the exceptional team that he has assembled, a team that possesses the characteristics of trustworthiness, innovation and hard work. In Sean’s opinion, these traits set apart an exceptional team from one that is merely competent. As he looks ahead, he is excited about the opportunity to invest in, and redevelop, vacant office buildings. It’s a big problem and he’s excited for, and confident in, his ability to re-envision and revitalize these properties, giving them a second chance at life.

7 – Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike is a renowned entrepreneur and wellness expert whose work in the supplement industry has garnered him widespread recognition. As the founder of Ethical Inc, Obi introduced a natural health and wellness supplement that has made waves in the industry with actor Morris Chestnut. His company’s success story has reached new heights with the recent announcement of a national retail outlet deal with Best Buy, a leading player in the retail industry.

As a distinguished individual in multiple fields, Obi has been inducted into Marquis Who’s Who in America, one of the most selective lists of outstanding individuals from all walks of life. Additionally, he co-authored “The Cut,” a popular diet and exercise manual that dominated Amazon’s charts, peaking at number one with his co-founder/author Morris. The literary success of Obi is only one aspect of his multifaceted career. Among his impressive production credits is the TV Show, “Sweat Inc.,” back in 2015, which stars world-renowned fitness expert Jillian Michaels and TRX CEO Randy Hetrick. Obi also provided valuable weight loss tips and advice as a respected fitness expert on NBC’s “The Today Show.” His contributions have been recognized by and Onalytica, who’ve named him as one of the six most influential fitness experts online in 2014 and the #1 fitness influencer on Twitter in 2015, respectively.

In the future, he envisions Ethical Inc. as a global supplement company that provides free education on health and wellness to people around the world through informative articles and videos. He’s also recognized as a prominent celebrity fitness and nutrition expert, having provided training services to high-profile individuals such as Steve Harvey, Stephen A. Smith, Morris Chestnut, and others. Through collaboration with nonprofit organizations, such as the American Heart Association, Obi aims to promote the same throughout the country. For more information about Ethical Inc and their supplement products, visit

8 – Daniella Cotreau

Daniella Cotreau is a distinguished professional in the field of executive heart-based leadership coaching. Over the course of her career, she has earned a reputation as a trusted expert in many roles, including co-author, spiritual mentor, consultant, embodiment expert, teacher, and business mentor. Daniella has developed a unique approach to coaching that prioritizes the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge, into her work. Using spiritual teachings and practical applications, she assists individuals in clarifying their vision, aligning their goals with their innermost values and building a life and business that reflects them.

As a consultant, Daniella stands out in her ability to design a unique path based on each individual’s needs and soul-aligned mission. In this process, she uses her intuitive abilities to guide them toward self-actualization. With these skills, Daniella has been able to accomplish several noteworthy career highlights, including the growth of the Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy® to over a quarter million in its first seven months of operation. She successfully transitioned her business from in-person to online and created an upgraded hybrid model that enabled her to reach a much larger global audience.

In the coming years, Daniella hopes to expand the scope of her year-long program for individuals who are driven to create change through partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. She also hosts national and international private mastermind retreats that bring together like-minded leaders worldwide to collaborate and grow their work, thereby achieving a more significant co-creative impact. Ultimately, Daniella’s goal is to create a world where leaders with heart contribute positively to society, and she continues to work toward this goal.

9 – Max Shapiro

Max Shapiro is an esteemed partner at Westside Estate Agency, a distinguished real estate brokerage renowned for its unparalleled average sale price in the nation. With two decades of professional experience within the real estate sector, Max has facilitated a multitude of high-end property transactions, catering to the discerning needs of several notable Hollywood luminaries. Despite his impressive accomplishments in the realm of real estate, Max has a deep passion for food and wine experiences, which have taken him on a journey around the globe. He shares his knowledge with others through “Air Jordan,” a food podcast that he co-hosts.

Max is also recognized for his exceptional culinary skills and visionary approach to fine dining, having founded Oxalis, an establishment that offers a 16-course, 11-beverage dining experience. The underground restaurant’s remarkable reputation in the industry is evident from the staggering 11,000-person waiting list, a testament to Max’s culinary excellence and innovative approach to fine dining.

As a food critic, Max distinguishes himself by providing honest, objective, educated, and insightful reviews that are useful and informative for food enthusiasts worldwide. His exceptional work in real estate and culinary endeavors has garnered substantial media coverage, including notable appearances on Sebastian Maniscalco’s show, “Well Done,” and features in Fast Company, which highlights his unique restaurant review style.

Max’s real estate career has been thriving, having recently taken on a partnership role at a brokerage with an average sale price of over $12 million. This achievement highlights his exceptional prowess as one of the most prominent agents in the country. Max’s ambitions extend beyond the world of property deals and transactions. He uses his platform to share his unique voice and perspective with a broader audience, committed to educating others about food and wine. It is worth noting that Max’s two consecutive years of over $100+ million in sales are a remarkable accomplishment, further cementing his status as a prominent figure in the real estate industry.

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10 – Carson Finkle

Carson Finkle, a prominent entrepreneur, has established his reputation as a formidable force in the business arena. Currently serving as the acting CEO of Tenth Street Hats, a rapidly expanding direct-to-consumer company, Carson has demonstrated exceptional initiative in leading the company to its current position of success. Moreover, Carson leads as an e-commerce advisor for the Brand Growth Experts Accelerator, strengthening his position as a leading authority in the field. With his most recent undertaking, Create Meditation, Finkle demonstrates his unwavering commitment to addressing the pressing issue of mental health and well-being among entrepreneurs and businesses.

Although Carson has achieved great success in his career, having founded three companies and receiving recognition from publications such as Forbes, USA Today, and The Washington Post, he has also suffered from entrepreneurial burnout. Carson’s venture, Create Meditation, reflects his shift in priorities toward promoting mental health and well-being. Through this platform, he and his team have conducted more than 1,000 transformational meditation sessions that blend breathwork, personalized music, and mindfulness practices into a customized experience for each individual.

In Carson‘s opinion, Albert Einstein’s quote, “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness,” is a gentle reminder to slow down and live in the present. With a view to the future, his goal is to spread boundless joy, love, peace, and gratitude worldwide through Create Meditation. Carson strives to positively impact as many lives as possible, assisting people in bridging the gap between who they are now and the person they aspire to become. To learn more about Carson’s impactful work with Create Meditation, visit their website at

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