“Current residency holder White Arrows is a fine proposition taken all on its own. With ties to local indie-psych legends Dios (Malos), the band specializes in a sometimes blues-informed brand of out-there pop, but this sextet is its own beast, swirling bits of electronic dance and clean Strokesy garage rock into the mix. Even so, the presence of Chapel Hill's Lost in the Trees (see Saturday) sweetens the deal immeasurably. Also playing: local cinematic post-punkers Wait. Think. Fast., hippie-folksters Vanaprasta and Costa Mesa sand-gazers Tomorrow's Tulips.”

-Chris Martins


Fol Chen, the glitch-pop buzz of L.A., will again perform at the Echo, where they're taking residency every Monday of this month.

Also: Devin Sarno, the minimalist drone musician formerly known as CRIB, joins Bobb Bruno, Kandyce and the Killdozer, Howardamb at Echo Curio.

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