Tonight Arcade Fire is coming to your living room. Or your bedroom. Or the bathroom, if you like to bring your laptop in there (we don't judge).

They themselves are gonna be at the Madison Square Garden in NYC, but thanks to American Express they'll also be streaming their show live on YouTube.

ArcFi are presenting their new album, called The Suburbs. Now, if you knew that Arcade Fire are based in Canada (meaning, Communists), and that their lead singer and composer likes to wax political against the war and Republican stuff (meaning, Communist), you'd probably guess that they hate American Express and everything the suburbs stand for.

Well, not so much. As we mentioned, Amex is backing this YouTube stunt real hard and branding itself all over the promo for it. As for the suburbs, Arcade Fire and their new corporate friends are asking you to upload a bunch of pictures of “your suburb” so that they can flash them onstage as they play.

Do it now. The show is at 10 EST, meaning 7 PST, so you don't have a lot of time left to immortalize your own private crappy tract housing hood.

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