Spacehog's first hit single is almost as old as Justin Bieber, and we point that out not just for the novelty of having “Spacehog” and “Justin Bieber” in the same sentence but because, like the glam-rock veterans, young Mr. Bieber is playing a little show in Los Angeles tonight as well.

As for the lads who gave us that serpentine guitar riff in “In the Meantime,” they are back at it. Spacehog is working on its fourth album and their first since 2001's Hogyssey, a record that only made us long for halcyon days of the mid-1990s, when O.J. Simpson was skating, a Million Men were marching and the quartet was releasing Resident Alien.

It's the original foursome — Jonny Cragg, Richard Steel and Antony and Royston Langdon — that did a smattering of shows late last year and in early '10, including a rather rousing gig at Spaceland for which they covered the club's shiny, silver-and-blue backdrop with a white sheet.

And the new music? Thus far Spacehog has only teased, posting 46 seconds of a track called “Sunset Blvd.”

Not coincidentally, that's where you'll find them tonight, playing the Key Club.

Elsewhere: It's the second night of the New Pornographers/Dodos/Imaad Wasif bill at the Music Box. …. Hometown R&B songstress Leela James plays the El Rey Theatre behind her third album My Soul. … And Mexican garage-rockers Le Butcherettes rock Spaceland.

Also: Bieber at Staples; Silverstein at the House of Blues; Keaton Simons and Ry Cuming at the Hotel Cafe; the Foreign Exchange at the Roxy; Mack Winston & the Reflections (free) at the Viper Room; Only Son and the Minor Canon at the Silverlake Lounge; Grand Archives at the Echo; Luluc and Square on Square (ex-Marjorie Fair) at the Bootleg Theater; Ben Taylor at Largo; 100 Monkeys at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach; One Trick Pony and the Faraway Places at Echo Curio; Tecumseh at Synchronicity Space; and tonight's Hollywood Bowl fare: “Magnificent Mozart.”

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