This looks like a frickin' party. The great L.A. Record is bringing New York Night Train to LA tonight to host its Soul Clap Dance Off at the Nomad Gallery, which is tucked between i-5 and the LA River just north of Elysian Park.

DJ Jonathan Toubin will spin 45s ripe for dancing, and then, in much the same way as Soul Train's Don Cornelius showcased his favorite dancers, there will be a contest. Which is awesome in and of itself; what's even better are the judges: Randy Randall of No Age; Howie Pyro of Intoxicat Radio; Jennifer Herrema of RTX (and formerly of Royal Trux); and Don Bolles of the Germs.

Read Lina Lecaro's take on tonight's gig here.

Doesn't this sound like fun?

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