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Think Melissa Auf der Maur is pissed at Courtney Love?

Nearly six years after the release of her self-titled solo debut, Auf der Maur has finally completed work on its belated follow-up — just in time to be overshadowed by Love's recently announced revamp of Hole, in which Auf der Maur played bass during the heady Celebrity Skin days back in the '90s.

Auf der Maur's new one is called Out of Our Minds, and as if in recognition of her need to keep up with the media-munching likes of Love, it's not just an album. There's also a short film, a comic book and an “elaborate website that explores the multi-layered MAdM/OOOM adventure” (her words). Not that you need all those extras to enjoy the fresh tunes: with appearances by Glenn Danzig and dudes from Nine Inch Nails and Battles, the decidedly ungrungy Minds kind of sounds like Fiona Apple fronting Can — weird but good.

[Melissa Auf Der Maur plays tonight (with Juliette Commagere and Night Horse) at the Viper Room]

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