Tonight at Boardner's, performance troupe The Wandering Marionettes, who you might recognize from Cirque Berzerk and Labyrinth of Jareth, presents Kabinet Theatre. A mixture of performance art and music, the event will feature a few artists we can't wait to see.

Welder “Purple and Orange”

Welder is the primarily downtempo electronic project of San Francisco-based musician Brendan Angelides. His work is filled with unusual beats and fuzzed-out synths. If you went to Low End Theory on Wednesday night, you may have seen him perform under the name Eskmo.

Eliza Rickman “Black Rose”

A frequent performer in clubs across LA, Eliza Rickman is noted for her choice of instrument. Rickman's vintage toy piano has a quirky, almost nostalgic sound that nicely contrasts with her strong vocals.

Also playing tonight will be producer Seda and Kabinet Theatre's curator, DJ Pumpkin.

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