Big ass night for Los Angeles music. If you're in from out of town, you picked a good frickin' Monday to be here. Fortify with a big dinner cuz there's no cover and you can whoop it up tonight and spend all your money on booze and cigarettes.

Le Switch

Top on the list is the great quadruple bill at the Echo, during week two of Le Switch's residency. The band is on everybody's lips right now, and reports on week one were uniformly positive. Next week will apparently be acoustic based, so if you want to get a major dose of the band doing it the way they do it, tonight's the night. To boot, a few other LA buzz bands will be filling out the bill. The much lauded Division Day; the Henry Clay People of Jax Art records; and the totally impressive pop band Princeton.

At Pehrspace, joy of joys, will be Harvey Sid Fisher. Yes. Oh yes. Here:

Also on the bill at Sean Carnage's weekly Pehrspace gig will be Whitman; Alas, Alak, Alaska!; Afternoon Brother; and John Thill.

Eagle and Talon!

At Spaceland, fellow Jax Arters Mezzanine Owls‘ residency continues with support from Eagle and Talon, We Barbarians, and The Black Kites.

And at Silverlake Lounge, Porterville performs their brilliantly oddball single “Overfloatin'” with Eddie Argos of British dance punk band Art Brut.

Where am I going? Jeez. I'm flying around. I really want to see Le Switch, but then I also REALLY want to see Eagle and Talon. And I'm totally loving Alas, Alak, Alaska! So I'll be bouncing, in more ways than one.

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