The Weekly recently expounded upon exactly what it is we like so much about the free Calling All Kids weekly at Silver Lake's Hyperion Tavern (in addition to the cider they serve, and the fact that the place looks like a garage from the outside), and here's one more reason — or rather, three.

1) Daedelus' first signing to his new Magical Properties imprint, Jogger, is performing live tonight. And they'll probably do this:

2) The always awesome Nite Jewel is doing a rare DJ set. Come ready for trippiness.

3) Kozy of well-loved local husband-and-wife design duo Kozyndan will also be spinning, with event co-organizer Matthewdavid promising “the best time in weirdo records, ever.” Actually the pending performance is credited to Kozyndmt — and since we don't know of a local DJ DMT, we're forced to assume she'll be flying on dimethyltryptamine. So we're hoping it'll sound something like this looks:

So if you're looking for a break from the Halloween festivities, or just a mellow place to drink cider (or eat drugs) and bob to good tunes, Calling All Kids has got your Friday night locked. Matthewdavid is also offering a free mystery CD to the first 10 to 15 people who as his for one. Here's the flyer.

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