You really should go out tomorrow night to the Airliner to check out current It-boy Will Wiesenfeld's Baths project. As Chris Martins wrote in his music pick for this week:

Wiesenfeld led a relatively quiet life up until about two months ago. As the mastermind of the sometimes solo, sometimes 10-piece Post-Foetus project – not to mention a pretty great ambient sideline called Geotic – the 21-year-old seemed almost content to bubble just below the buzz, experimenting at his own pace as fans slowly glommed on. And then, Baths happened. Inspired by the local beat music movement, and upon receiving some sage advice from veteran L.A. electronicist Daedelus, Wiesenfeld embarked on a new path that unexpectedly ran right up to Pitchfork's front stoop. His winning mash-up of big beats, swooning vocals and instrumental chops (he plays viola, piano and guitar) has earned him burgeoning blog love and plenty of favorable comparisons


But the added attraction is Canadian producer Ghislain Poirier, who performs as Poirier. The Ninja Tune artist will be presenting his seventh album, Running High (which, by the way, is also the best way to make jogging bearable). Be prepared for an an ecclectic combination of Baths' inventive approach to beats and Poirier's internationalist take on dancefloor stuff, a slant he unveiled on a series of recent African- and Caribbean-inflected EPs that are compiled on the new album.

Watch Poirier in action here, with featured vocalist Face-T:

(It's like a waaaaaay cooler Pitbull, isn't it?)

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