I’m Tommy Chong here for LA Weekly & Dank City to talk about one of my favorites –  today I’m here with a winner, one of my favorite products called the Icky Pipe! You may have seen me using this when I go live on my Tommy Chong App many times! I only like to feature my favorite products on my app! 

img 0139.jpg 956568I use it often because it is convenient to carry around anywhere because of it’s small compact design and when I want to use it it’s easy and discrete – it kinda reminds me of those expensive pens because of the sleek design and modern feel. It is made of metal and some have really cool designs on them. The metal feels cool on your hands – it never gets hot. It’s designed thoughtfully and you can tell when you hold it is made with quality. There’s a built in cooling system so when you take a hit it’s not that harsh and feels good-the perfect hitter! 

How I like to use my Icky Pipe- First, you can be anywhere- the movies, bars, tango clubs, cafes, when walking the dogs, walks in the parks, beach cruisin, long and short card rides, pretty much anywhere from home to being out and about it’s because the Icky is travel size and you can fit it right in your pocket. I usually fill mine up at home before I head out with a little bit of my grinded flower, pack it in as you see in the video we made for LA Weekly and head out for some tango dancing with friends – just a little bit takes you a long way at least 6-8 great hits per fill. It’s always a good time with the Icky, I usually carry the Icky around all day with me. 

img 6238 754133The Icky comes in so many rad colors- black, blue, green, purple, stainless, XL, Red, Chrome, Black, Turquoise Red, Riptide, Black Charcoal, Black & Red, Pure Bliss, Hot Fire, Key West, Pure Rain, Tom F*cking Brady, and Koi- I love the names! My favorite color is the Purple one because it’s fun and colorful but I have several to keep around and I feel like I should purchase another one for the new season- maybe the Tom F*cking Brady! 

I especially like this company because the owners of the Icky are three friends who brought their dream to fruition by just hanging out at a bar one night – they are on a mission to provide an amazing product, and they did it! They all contributed to the making of the Icky from vision, design and strategy and I’m glad because they came up with my favorite pipe! They remind me of Cheech and I back in the day!

img 7370 260318I love my Icky Pipe and I suggest for you and your friends to check out their website at  and follow them on instagram at @keepitsticky. They have other cool products like humidor boxes for quality storage, grinders, and tools to make your smoking experience with the icky your best one.

It’s time to snag you and your friends an icky stick!


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