It’s Tommy with Tommy Chong’s Favorites with L.A. Weekly x Dank City. Have you seen the spaceship coming through to save planet Earth?! In order to launch the GHOST Vape Spaceship, you should download the GHOST Vape app. to be sure you can operate this bad boy favorite of mine properly for the ultimate journey! 

I’m just joking about the spaceship — doesn’t it look like one?  These are great for people new to vaping and also great for old-timers who want an enhanced flavor experience. The GHOST Vape represents the latest in design and technology for electronic vapors for both herbs and extracts. Yummy! 

(Courtesy of GHOST Vapes)

I was so happy to have Josh from Ghost Vapes walk me through to make sure I am using my GHOST Vape properly. My favorite is their newest product called the GHOST Vapes Stealth Edition MV1, which lets you use dry herbs or concentrate to vape electronically. As Josh says it really is a “refined way to experience your flower!” you know I love that kind of experience. The flowers cook very nicely in the GHOST Vape spaceship at any temperature of your choosing right off the app on your phone; it’s great how accurate it is because it makes the hit very pure, quality and smooth. 

Iconic Space Age technology and design at it’s best, and this is why it’s one of my favorites if you want the purest hits! Oh wait, that’s not a spaceship, it’s the GHOST Vape that will take you on a magical journey! My favorite MV1 come in Stealth Edition Matte Black, Black Chrome, Satin Silver, Rose Gold and Nickel. The latest production units come with: 

  • The latest heat-sink with improved seals 
  • Highly durable tactile matte UV finish 
  • Newly improved door mechanism and switch 
  • Updated firmware to keep your MV1 vape operating at its very best 
  • Improved tolerance 

Check out the GHOST Vapes website at ghostvapes.com and on their instagram @ghostvapesoffical. Watch their technology videos, which show you “How It Works” and “About The App” I highly suggest to watch these videos whether you are a connoisseur or a newbie to electric vaping as GHOST are thorough in explaining everything, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. 

This premium design makes me feel young and in the know because of the patent-pending technology, the experience when using it with the phone app, as well as meeting the great team behind the GHOST Vapes technology! 

(Courtesy of GHOST Vapes)

They also have many awesome accessories to add on, like special GHOST Vape cleaning wipes, a fast charger, crucible dispenser, MV1 head sink, crucible kit, crucible lids, concentrate pods, Makrolon Stems, and Zirconia Sleeves; getting some of these will make you a pro in no time! 

This product definitely stands out from the crowd with it’s intuitive features I can’t wait for my next journey into outer space with GHOST Vapes! 

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