Hey, it’s Tommy Chong for Tommy Chong’s Favorites on L.A. Weekly for the L.A crowd ⁠— sponsored by Dank City. This week I’m reviewing the board game Ganjaland, as well as two of my other favorite weed-themed party games, Ducking High and the Stoner Expansion for What Do You Meme?

Let’s dive into Ganjaland first. Who can make stoners happyyyyy, the GanjaLand can! An original spin-off of the classic CandyLand, it has a beautifully illustrated board that’s appealing to the eyes (or should I say red eyes)! Produced by the people at whatdoyoumeme.com in collaboration with Lightly Toasted, GanjaLand is the ultimate, adults-only marijuana-themed board game. It takes its players on an epic weed adventure exploring a fun place full of laughs, trivia and, most of all, weed! While navigating GanjaLand, you and your stoner friends will experience a place somewhere between myth and fantasy, a place of mystery and beauty filled with creatures and trails.

This is definitely not a “bored” game, but rather a board game full of fun and challenges. When you enter the realm of GanjaLand, get ready to test the ability of your mind, body and soul! You can play around 4:20, or 5:20, or 6:20 or whenever! Whether you’re stoned or not, this one’s always a good time.

“Love this game. The game board and all pieces are very high quality. The gameplay is fun and had a blast playing with a group of friends. Enjoyed the backstories for each character and the crown at the end of the game is fun to take pictures with. Would recommend this game highly. :)” Amazon Review

Where can I purchase GanjaLand?

Ah, you’re keen to play a game with your family and friends. Get GanjaLand directly from Amazon or whatdoyoumeme.com. This holiday season is the perfect time to get yourself the game, or better yet buy it for a bud as a novel present. It’s a great excuse to get together and have a great time this festive season!

“That would be cool. Make a GanjaLand park, life-size.” ⁠—Tommy Chong

Bonus Pick: Ducking High

Ducking High is an absolutely hilarious new game where the cards are so crazy, they will get you high (even if you’re not toking)! Designed specifically to enhance your high, these crazy questions will lead you and your friends into some out of this world conversations. This adults-only game is a stoner’s best friend — it’s so easy to play that it’s more fun the more stoned you get. 

Playing is simple. Just draw a card and compete with your friends to come up with the funniest and most creative answer to questions like “What color are mirrors?” and “Which animal is the biggest asshole?.” Plus, don’t forget the crazy Mind Fuck cards which will — you guessed it — blow your mind! 

Get it on Amazon.

Bonus: What Do You Meme Stoner Expansion Pack

If you’re a fan of the original bestselling What Do You Meme? game, this expansion pack has 50 extra stoner-themed playing cards and 15 new photo cards to use with the core What do You Meme? game. Perfect to play with adult friends who enjoy having fun, and learning more about cannabis culture. 

Get it on Amazon.

Don’t forget these games are only appropriate and suitable for adults. Have some fun these holidays and get a game today. Until next time, next week, this is Tommy Chong signing off for L.A. Weekly’s Tommy Chong’s Favorites.

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