If you've been stuck in the car listening to public radio during the last few days, you're painfully aware that KPCC is currently conducting a pledge drive. You also know by now how much Tom Hanks likes public radio, as both he and his driver have done recurrent bits for the cause. Apparently not only is the actor a big fan of public radio, but he's also a big fan of pies. For after hearing his driver, Bo Stevenson, compare listening to stories on the radio to having a neighbor read a newspaper aloud while eating pie at a neighbor's house, Hanks promptly went over to Pie 'N Burger in Pasadena — KPCC is broadcast from Pasadena — and bought everybody at the station warm apple pies. Now, normally we do not really care about what celebrities do in their spare time (unless they're at Lakers games), but as we do care about both public radio and pies, we thought this was worth a mention. And those pies are really good too.

Your box of chocolates joke can go here _________. If you want to support public radio, you'll have to get in touch with them. Alternative free newspapers do not have pledge drives, at least not yet, but if anyone wants to bring pies into the office, please feel free.

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