Even with the world being a brutal, violent place and people generally malevolent and scummy, peace will always get more of a chance than wrinkly green nubs from the freezer. On his latest album, Give Peas A Chance, famous children's musician Tom Chapin (brother of Harry, father of semi-locals Lily and Abigail, a.k.a. The Chapin Sisters) lends his voice, guitar and storytelling acumen to the advocacy of good food, not least of which is the oft-maligned pea.

With chocolate milk cartons, alabaster-white pizza crusts and heaps of factory-farmed proteins filling the trash cans of school cafeterias, the battleground is set and the sides are drawn. Sure, titles like “Grow Your Own,” “Locally Grown,” “Slow Food” and “The Ultimate Lunchroom” will make some adults' eyes roll like a calcified bagel, but kids, not grown-ups, are the target (even if the video we embedded seems awfully inclusive of grey hairs). Wee ones, it is well known, will sing along to an instruction manual — even a paean to peas — as long as it's accompanied by a catchy melody.

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