Ah, Questlove, the Mayor of Twitter…

Here's a little essay The Roots maestro just churned out. It needs a lot of editing to make all of its intended sense, but the gist of it is that he's upset critics like “shocking” better than “serious” hip-hop in general, and Lil' Wayne better than The Roots in particular. (That is what I think it says, anyhow. Memo to Questlove: you're always interesting, but you need to hire yourself an editor for pieces you write on your blackberry that are longer than 240 characters!).

Anyhow, here's the essay, including his bizarre endorsement of Sting over Weezy for some kind of political contest neither of them is actually in:

tryna tell yall: this is why i cry out against the press/blogger minstrelsy embrace of hip hop (if its “scary” or “bright” “clownish”/”funny” or “oversexed” or “watered down apolitically” (no balls/opinion/position/eager to pleaseisms) its minstrel!!!! read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minstrel_show

point is: this song is cute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cjx8wg0hmY&feature=player_embedded#

but TRULY it is the answer to all the questions we had about hip hop's demise.

it would be nice to say “oh…its an art form and treated as such” (remember that @harryallen quote about “hip hop is treated like its disposable. its not even considered 'art'” on our Things Fall Apart intro?–well this is the dangers of embracing something for the wrong reasons:

hip hop's MASSIVE success was running on the fumes of the “horror flick/roller coaster” syndrome: something scary and exciting you are curious about…but something you don't take all that serious.

in other words: lets look at sting and lil wayne:

if both figures (both are massive sales figures in pop music)—if both made announcements that they were quitting music for a career in politics: and them in office position effected your life and you had to chose one—who would you be more inclined to take seriously to run your government?

(ill leave it up to you to get my point….but for those who say wayne, i can pretty much also guess that you too dont take life all that seriously or being contrary is how you differentiate yourself from others)

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