You think the United States has an arcane, red-tape plagued legal system? Mexican authorities are delaying the extradition of murder suspect and former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman south of the border because … they have to check Mexico to make sure he's not there first.

Now, here's the thing: Pretty much every day since he slipped back into the area from Mexico in late May, Beresford-Redman has been shown on television hanging out in his Rancho Palos-Verdes backyard. Here's a news flash for Mexican authorities: Esta aqui! We saw him with our own ojos on the tube, we swear.

The Associated Press reports that it's a bizarre “quirk” in Mexican law that law enforcers there have to be sure that a suspect is not Mexico before they make an extradition request of another nation. The fine print means that it will be until at least Wednesday before they make such a move.

Television news reports indicated that unmarked vehicles used by the U.S. Marshal's service have been cruising by Beresford-Redman's home (footage showed an ominous looking, white Chevrolet Tahoe). If he's extradited, it will by U.S. Marshals knocking on his door.

Murder charges were filed in Mexico Monday against Beresford-Redman, long suspected of killing his wife in early April as they vacationed with their children in Cancun. A memorial for Monica Beresford-Redman was held over the weekend. She was the popular owner of Brazilian eatery and venue Zabumba in Palms.

Beresford-Redman slipped into the states in late May, with his lawyer saying that he was not under a court order to remain south of the border. Mexican authorities, however, had taken his passport and asked him to remain in the country as they investigated the case.

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