[UPDATE: …or is it a Mer-man? (see comment) Out verdict: either works–he's a “Transformer”! har har.]

After Billy Corgan and Bozo and a lost-and-found Del Close video, today is shaping up like one of those bizarro Thursdays. Here comes numero tres:

From our friends at the Village Voice comes the following picture with an explanation by Camille Dodero:

Norman Blake

Norman Blake

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson have been christened Master of Ceremonies for this year's Mermaid Parade, which for a day will make them, respectively, King Neptune and Queen Mermaid. Hopefully, this means in the press lead-up to June 19's topless-lady procession, we'll get an array of really awkward renderings of the art couple as goofy sea creatures. There's already one posted on the official Mermaid Parade web site, the pair illustrated as a Coney-Island-sideshow-style banner. Perma-frowning Lou appears downright ridiculous

Famous curmudgeon or not, sorta feel bad for the guy–at least Laurie Anderson bears no insult to her human self, but here he resembles Andy Dick with moobs. And what's with that crotch thrust? Looks like he's trying to hump a fish.

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