If anyone out there is compiling a list of pitfalls for bank robbers, you might add robbing your own bank to the list. It's not clear, however, that familiarity among his victims brought the 68-year-old suspect believed to be the “stun-gun bandit” down this week, but the fact is that he was arrested at his Skid Row apartment not long after the latest stun-gun caper.

“We had a feeling this guy would surface eventually,” said Los Angeles police Lt. Paul Vernon. “It just turns out he decided to rob a bank where he had his account.”

Officers arrested Robert Evans at his residence in the 400 block of East Seventh Street not long after he allegedly robbed a nearby bank with a stun gun. Los Angeles police indicated that they researched ex-cons in the area who were on parole for bank robbery and came across Evans' records.

“As I rolled up at the bank, my robbery detective drove by and said, 'What do you think lieutenant? Stun-gun bandit?' and darned if he wasn't right,” added Lt. Vernon. “The description of the bank robber was just too co-incidental.”

Police allege the man also robbed a nearby clothing store in the 1000 block of South Los Angeles Street on Dec. 15 — and shocked a clerk in the process. They said evidence found at his Skid Row residence links him to that alleged crime. They're looking into the possibility the suspect also committed other robberies via stun.

Because he was on parole, Evans was being held without bail. Anyone with information about any other stun-gun crimes in the area was asked to call police at 213-972-1245 or, toll-free and 24-hours, 1-877-LAPD-24-7.

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