The “Dylan camp,” the mysterious circle of consiglieri that makes sometimes baffling decisions about the hallowed backcatalog of Malibu resident Bob Dylan, has occasionally authorized remixes of Dylan's songs. A few years ago, they promoted a CD compilation with a then-hot Mark Ronson mix of “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine),” with accompanying video.

But the latest authorized remix is vastly weirder: a cyberpunk version of early folk protest song “Masters of War” with Bob Dylan's distinctive vocals embedded into a glitchy panorama courtesy of one Scientific American.

Why did they do this, you may ask? For the soundtrack of violent videogame Crackdown 2.

Makes you want to go back to Washington Square in 1964 and blow some wide-eyed folkie's mind, right? The present: it is already weird.


LA Weekly