We know what you're thinking: How do I find a greeting card for that special person in my life who is into corpse makeup, cloaks, books about Norwegian church burnings, incomprehensible calligraphy and such?

That was what you were thinking, right?

In any case–some enterprising Black Metal* fans have created a series of Black Metal greeting cards called Dark & Somber Greetings. You can find them over the Internets, or a selected stores in LA.

Wanna see more of them and find out how to get them?:

Our friends at Vacation Vinyl record store in Silver Lake have a rack full of them. Dark & Somber Greetings also has an Etsy store (of course), run by one “cozmiclady” (of course).

Here are more examples of the Black Metal greeting card line, suitable for sundry occasions:

* Black Metal: a dark subgenre of heavy metal, also known as “Death Metal”

(we kid, we kid!)


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