Pitchfork had tipped us last week to Beck's new Record Club joint (where he gets his musicians friends to cover an entire album), and we knew this time he had gathered the mesmerizing-looking Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent), the current lineup of Os Mutantes and the Liars. What we didn't know was what cult gem this aggregation was going to tackle.

Previously, Record Club parties had covered revered indie masterpieces like the Velvet Underground's first album and Skip Spence's Oar. With Os Mutantes in tow, we were wondering at the expanded possibilities (original Mutante guitarist Sergio Dias is a fantastic, inventive player who designs his own instruments).

Well, today we got our answer: they covered INXS' 1987 megaseller Kick.

Why, you ask? C'mon. Be serious. It's Beck we're talking about. Of course he'd cover a bombastic, cheese-filled slice of manpop. Back in the 80s when he was a teen, Beck wanted to be Dylan or join Fluxus. Now a rich, successful guy in his late 30s, prime-era Michael Hutchence doesn't look like such a bad role model.

Careful with the erotic choking, though.

Video of first track, a surprisingly BORING take on Kick's opener “Guns in the Sky,” after the jump.

ps: bad idea to share a video with Annie Clark–we just can't stop looking at her face!

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