We love Bettye LaVette, the Detroit soul survivor whose career has been rebooted by the wonderful folk at local Anti- records. This is no surprise, as everyone loves Bettye LaVette.

We caught her intimate, cabaret-style show at Largo last month, where she sang several tunes from her latest album of tasty versions the '60s British songbook, Interpretations, and (perhaps more excitingly) several down-n-dirty old rhythm and blues tracks, back from the time when RnB was waaaaaay downer and dirtier than anything by Usher, Chris Brown or any white guys in the Facebook movie.

(We have in on good authority that Anti- recorded the performances at Largo, so make sure you get Bettye's live versions of George Harrison's “Isn't It a Pity” and, especially ,George Jones' “Choices” when and if they come out.)

But today we wanted to show you a very surreal TV moment that happened on one of those morning shows nobody you know actually watches: Bettye singing The Who's “Love Reign O'er Me” after a gushing introduction by … Katie Lee Gifford (?!?!?) and her sidekick/drinking partner Hoda Kotb (you probably know them from SNL imitations and not from the actual show).

Anyhow–a couple of minutes of totally bizarro TV followed by goosebumpy soul music. Here you go:

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