L.A. Quartet

Four pictures in the day of the life of a city, all from May 29. The left-hand frames are from 1952: A 27-year-old mother of three, arrested for being drunk, sits in the Lincoln Heights jail; below, William E. McReynolds, a painter who lived at 1149 Echo Park Avenue, shows off a gizmo that traps smog. In the right column we have Miss Tramp Steamer of 1958; the photographer's notes say of the L.A. Harbor event: “Miss Tramp [Steamer] presented skipper with a plaque for the ship and bussed him on arrival of maiden voyage”. Right, below, the original 1958 caption read, “Fell From Tree: Model and actress Shirley Houser hurt her arm in an accident at 1888 North Crescent Heights blvd.” (All photos are from USC's L.A. Examiner collection. Click images to enlarge.)


LA Weekly