L.A. Quartet

Four pictures in the day of the life of a city, all from May 29. The left-hand frames are from 1952: A 27-year-old mother of three, arrested for being drunk, sits in the Lincoln Heights jail; below, William E. McReynolds, a painter who lived at 1149 Echo Park Avenue, shows off a gizmo that traps smog. In the right column we have Miss Tramp Steamer of 1958; the photographer's notes say of the L.A. Harbor event: “Miss Tramp [Steamer] presented skipper with a plaque for the ship and bussed him on arrival of maiden voyage”. Right, below, the original 1958 caption read, “Fell From Tree: Model and actress Shirley Houser hurt her arm in an accident at 1888 North Crescent Heights blvd.” (All photos are from USC's L.A. Examiner collection. Click images to enlarge.)