We love it when we figure out what an artist should be all about years before they themselves notice. Case in point: remember Elefant? Some of you must– Pitchforkey rock band that did the indie rounds for many, many years to limited success, built around a Detroit-born Argentine-American who tried all the usual indie frontman stuff but always came off as slightly more Vegas, like an Elvis or a Jim Morrison a couple of months before they got actually fat?

Rings a bell?

Well, we always thought Diego Garcia would have been much happier and more successful if he ditched all the Iggy/MC5 aspirations and concentrated on developing his inner Don Juan de Marco. And now, finally, he agrees with us!

He's pimping a new track called “You Were Never There, which you can download through Popmatters and openly comes out as trying to conjure up the spirit of Julio Iglesias, Sandro and Jose Jose.


“Stay,” the track on his myspace page is even more Julio Iglesias.

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