It's difficult to decide what to say first about this new product, called Toastabags and created by the Dutch company Boska, a toastable sandwich bag that supposedly simplifies the process of making grilled cheese sandwiches. Because, you know, they're so hard to make already. So maybe we'll just quote @gastropoda, whose tweet was what led us to a discovery of the product in the first place: “One more reason my big fear is reincarnation: Evolving world too inept to grill cheese.” Exactly.

Toastabags are little bags made from polytetrafluoroethylene (awesome), into which you put your slices of bread and your cheese, then you pop the bags into your toaster. Since PTFE is similar to Teflon, you don't need to butter the bread (good thing, as putting buttered bread in toasters is problematic). The little bags are reusable, and somehow they magically create grill marks while they're inside said toaster. Best of all, kids can do this themselves! Because, as every parent knows, kids can put stuff in toasters but cannot cook stuff in pans. A pack of three Toastabags will run you about $10. But hey, since you can wash out the damn things, that's a worthwhile expediture, right?

Boska is a Dutch company that has been around, doing crazy things with and about cheese, since 1896. The company is based in Bodegraven, which is apparently very close to Gouda. Which should explain a lot. If anybody used these at the Grilled Cheese Invitational, held this past weekend at the Rose Bowl, please do let us know.

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