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Which Is Better: Spotify or Grooveshark?

With MOG's big roll out last week, your options for streaming music sites are more numerous than ever. Its main rivals are Jango, Spotify, Rhapsody, AOL Music, Rdio,, and Grooveshark, and competitions is fierce.

But how are they all different? They each cost about 10 bucks per month and their functionality is pretty similar, though some services play the specific songs you want and some are radio station style sites. Their catalogs, however, vary drastically. Do they have what you want? And how easily can you find it?

There were many possible ways to determine the answers to these questions, but we chose the most scientific one: searching out Captain Beefheart's seminal 1969 album Trout Mask Replica. And then we also looked up our faves J*DaVeY, because they're awesome, somewhat obscure, and their name's spelled weird.

See the results on our color-coded charts below. Remember, green means go and red means stop!

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