TIME magazine, like everyone else, loves a list. And right now they're pimping the “TIME 100”, a list of the most influential people in the whole universe right now in 2011. According to TIME magazine.

There are some musicians in there, with writeups by some other artists (Usher on Justin Bieber, for example–just like the title of your favorite underage slash fiction!). According to the magazine, the most influential musicians in 2011 are:

1. JUSTIN BIEBER (See above)

2. RAIN: no, not a typo for “Train”–a Korean superstar that has been the fan favorite for several years, at least of fans who know how to rig contests on the internet.



5. STING (no, really):

6. EL GENERAL (Tunisian rapper–Tunisian hip-hop, so hot right now):

7. MARKY MARK (but not the Funky Bunch):

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