Yesterday Time Magazine named its 100 Most Influential People in the World, proving yet again that lists are more important than real news. Among the 100 super-important people are two chefs, both of whom unquestionably deserve to be at the top of any list that includes foodists. (One could not say the same about other people on the list, regardless of sphere of influence. Tim Tebow? Anonymous? Chelsea Handler??) So who were the chefs? Guess.

OK, don't guess. Rene Redzepi (Noma) and José Andrés (The Bazaar, Jaleo, Made In Spain, etc.) made the cut. Congratulations! And because Time got interesting and happily relevant people to write the prose that goes along with the naming, we also get to read Ferran Adria on Redzepi (“We often talk about the best chef in the world when in reality, cuisine — like other activities — cannot be measured, quantified or calculated.”) and Anthony Bourdain on Andrés (“I was holed up in my room in a nearly empty hotel in Haiti, waiting for the hurricane said to be headed our way.”) Worth the price of admission there.

As part of the issue, Joel Stein picked his list of the All-Time TIME 100 of All Time — among whom Stein named the early 19th-century French chef Marie Antoine Carême, who codified sauces and created the toque, among other things. Nice going, chef.

OK, so now comes the inevitable question, the necessary corollary to any list of this nature: Do you agree, and if not, who'd they leave off? Because one list generates another, which is the beauty of the system.

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