Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has been on somewhat of a lucky streak, what with his laughable non-charges for carrying a loaded gun through airport security.

That's probably because, as noted by LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus, wiggle room in law enforcement “seems to work in favor of state lawmakers, and against guys with names like Memphitz.” So the score, as of yesterday, looked to be white politicians, 1; minorities, 0.

Not anymore! Donnelly's signature drive to repeal the DREAM Act, signed by Governor Jerry Brown last fall to give undocumented immigrants access to financial aid, just went in the trash:

Donnelly has announced that his “Stop AB 131” ballot hopeful, which needed over 500,000 signatures to go before voters, was still short by about 57,000 as of today's deadline. (Though it did get some strange local support in Long Beach, if we do recall.)

His statement of defeat is as sheepish and bitter as DREAM Act author Gil Cedillo's is smug:

“This is disappointing news, but it is no less of a warning to Governor (Jerry) Brown and every Democrat legislator who voted to create a new entitlement program for illegals while the state still has a budget deficit over $9 billion, and cannot even meet its obligation to legal California students,” Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, said in a statement.

… “The lesson is clear. California is a state that leads our nation forward, not backward,” said Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, who authored both bills. “We are a state that prides itself on reconciling our differences rather than exacerbating them.”

So, barring any more hater campaigns against the DREAM Act, it should go into effect next year. That'll mean an estimated $65 million per year from the California taxpayers, and a world of opportunity for those young illegal immigrants who've worked their way up to college level.

Angelica Salas, executive director for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), is smugger still:

“Once again, Assemblyman Donnelly has wasted an incredible amount of time and resources fighting an education bill he disagrees with instead of meeting the needs of his constituents and other Californians.”

No need to rub it in. Donnelly got what was coming to him, and we're just glad it could align so humiliatingly with his big oopsie at the airport this week.

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