Yeah, it's actually an ad for Helio… Kind of. There's a small Helio logo off to the left side. But for the most part it's just a cool huge original painting by Biskup right in the middle of La Brea.

The painting has been there for most of 2007 and I've had these pictures for a while, but I only remembered them recently when I came across a couple of beautiful Biskup

paintings at Billy Shire's gallery where the Liz McGrath show was taking place.

All photos by Mark Mauer

More – and video – after the jump.

Here's a time lapse video of Biskup working on the piece.

The skull and the woman with words flowing from her mouth seem to indicate that the Helio phone will let you communicate with the dead. I didn't know you could do this, and though I still don't like cell phones, this will come in handy as more of my friends die over the coming years. Merry Christmas!

The painting is located at 616 N. La Brea in Los Angeles.

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