Ah, university professors. They're always up to their elbow patches in the finer points of wonkery, the state of democracy, the race to find new life forms in outer space, and, in this case, urine.

Yeah, looks like a dispute between to profs at Cal State Northridge culminated last month in Tihomir Anguelov Petrov allegedly getting caught peeing on the door of his rival's on-campus office.

An L.A. City Attorney's misdemeanor complaint obtained by the Weekly shows that Petrov has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor peeing in public.

The Los Angeles Times' Robert Lopez broke this golden gem of a story Thursday, noting the two profs had beef and that, after the victim noticed puddles near his door a camera was set up to catch the pee purp.

Petrov was allegedly caught on tape relieving himself bad-boy style, leading to the charges, which stem from a Dec. 3 incident.

The dueling academics are math teachers, according to the Times.

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