Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said golfer Tiger Woods is responsive as of Wednesday morning and recovering from leg injuries after a rollover car accident, Tuesday.

Among the injuries that Woods suffered were a compound fracture on one leg and a “shattered ankle,” according to Villanueva.

“Thankfully he came through the surgery and they patched him altogether,” Villanueva said while giving an update, Wednesday. “Now we’re just going to keep our fingers crossed… for a successful healing and get back on his feet, doing what he’s doing.”

While ths Sheriff’s department initially said a “jaws of life” tool was used to extract Woods, they retracted that statement Tuesday and clarified that an ax and Halligan bar were used to pry open the windshield and pull out Woods.

The Genesis vehicle, which was a sponsored car from a weekend tournament Woods played in, was found about 30 yards from the road. The vehicle took out a sign that said “Welcome to Rolling Hills Estates” as well as a section of the road’s middle divider, traveled through the opposing side of the road and began the rollover process into an embankment.

Investigators do not yet know the speed at which Woods was traveling and deputy Gonzalez assessed that there were no signs of impairment on-scene. Any information on toxicology or phone records to assess a possible distraction would require a warrant, according to Sheriff Villanueva.

Villanueva added that Woods may have been on his way to a shoot at the Rolling Hills Estate golf course, which was about 4 miles from the accident. Woods had been filming at the course on Monday.

The Hawthorne Blvd. road saw Woods traveling downhill and on a curve, which has been a problem area for drivers in the past.

“That stretch of road has had quite a few accidents over the years. From January of last year, to Tiger Woods incident… 13 accidents, four of them with injuries,” Villanueva said. “This is an accident, not a crime. Unfortunately accidents do happen.”



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