Updated at the bottom: Actually, the case was dismissed.

It was the traffic ticket heard around the world.

Last year Southern California Google Glass aficionado Cecilia Abadie got what was possibly the world's first ticket for driving under the influence of Google Glass. California law says you can't drive and watch a monitor. But Abadie says the device wasn't on when she was pulled over on a San Diego freeway in October.

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So she fought it in court:
Today she confirmed on Twitter that she won the case. Not guilty.

It's not clear how she fared on the allegation of speeding, which she essentially admitted to on her Google+ page. We have a call in to her attorney.

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Her lawyer, William M. Concidine, told us previously that he had a few defenses for his client. For one, there's no specific law on the books against using Google Glass behind the wheel.

Also: It would be impossible to prove she was using it while driving.

“Google Glass came on, he noted it and he cited her after she was stopped,” Concidine said:

The main argument is even if she was wearing Google Glass, it's not illegal to wear it unless it's operating while you're driving. The heart of the defense is that she wasn't driving with it on, and even if it was on does that violate the law?

One small victory for nerd-kind?

[Updated at 4:35 p.m.]: Concidine just got back to us. He said that, because the officer couldn't testify as to whether or not the device was on, the judge dismissed the case.

Abadie also won the speeding case: Concidine says he challenged the independent calibration of the CHP vehicle's speedometer, and the judge agreed, dismissing that allegation.

Good work.

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