Big news for music/art fans: legendary British industrial music forefathers/foremothers Throbbing Gristle will perform in Los Angeles for the first time in over three decades when they arrive in Hollywood on Tuesday, April 21. The band, whose revolutionary work in the late 1970s forged a path that thousands of artists and musicians have followed, will be gigging at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival on Sunday, April 19, and had formerly announced a performance alongside former collaborator Derek Jarman's film work at UCLA's Royce Hall, but abruptly canceled the gig the same day.

Now comes word that Throbbing Gristle will indeed perform alongside Jarman's 1974 film In the Shadow of the Sun on Tuesday, April 21 — but at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood. Tickets are $35, but aren't on sale yet. What is known is that “there will also be for sale special 'TG USA 2009' merchandising (all new TG CD album, TG T-shirt specific to this event, TG Tour Enamel Badge, TG Tour Embroidered Patch).”

An embroidered patch! Cool.

Cosey and Genesis get down to business in LA, 1976; Credit: LAICA

Cosey and Genesis get down to business in LA, 1976; Credit: LAICA

No word on whether Gristle will try and top their two-member 1976 performance as CUOM at the now shuttered Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, where Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti slithered naked on the floor in pools of their own piss, blood, semen and vomit. That show, which writer Brendan Mullen captured in this LA Weekly piece from 2003, is pretty legendary.

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