This morning UCLA's Royce Hall announced that Throbbing Gristle would be performing at Royce Hall on April 21, a mere few days after the band was to perform Coachella. The announcement came as a little surprise. For obvious reasons, Coachella makes bands agree that they won't perform in LA either a month leading into or out of the festival so as to get as many bodies traveling to the polo field as possible.

We figured that, like Leonard Cohen, who is performing at least one show (but probably two) at the Nokia a week prior to his Coachella date, Throbbing Gristle had attained such a stature that they'd been given permission to break the rule, too. (And, indeed, after talking with Goldenvoice head Paul Tollett a few weeks ago and listening to him wax poetic about Throbbing Gristle, we assumed for sure that he'd given them a pass.)

We don't know for sure what prompted the following email, but it came less than eight hours after the Royce Hall announcement:

Throbbing Gristle Concert Canceled

The April 21st Throbbing Gristle performance at Royce Hall has been canceled. UCLA Live has been informed by the band's agent that the concert, which had been confirmed, cannot be added to the U.S. tour.

UCLA Live apologizes for any inconvenience.

We're assuming that Coachella put the nix on the show, which sux. But understandable. But it still sucks for the old school TG fans who wouldn't be caught dead out at Coachella. Come on, Goldenvoice, it's frickin' Throbbing Gristle. (But, again, we don't know for certain that GV had anything to do with this.)

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