This is a man's world. At least if you're a reader of online men's magazine Thrillist, it is. And those masculine horizons are suddenly expanding by way of Thrillist Rewards–a Groupon-like program chock full of guy-specific food, drink and entertainment deals that, for the most part, seem to be hell-bent on getting you liquored up and reckless.

New Yorkers have been getting Thrillist rewards for a while now, and according to a recent press release, it's been such a success that they're introducing the same program in L.A. Now L.A. 'dudes' (their word, not ours) are able to get in on discounts as well.

So what's up for grabs? Certainly not half-off ballroom dancing classes. Current Thrillist rewards offered in L.A. include the “Rye'd Sally Rye'd,” i.e. your chance to drink literally every single whiskey offered at the Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake. There's also “Jerky Boys” (such punny names) which allows you to load up on artisanal beef jerky, and finally, something called “Cannonball Fun,” which is basically drag racing in Vegas. (Does this sound like a whole lot of drinking and driving or is it just us?) If you're willing to splurge a little extra and go the “High Octane” route on this one, “You'll also get a chance to fraternize (and maybe more) with 2 straight-up p*rnstars, one of whom's 'enthusiastic as hell'–if married, back away slowly, before the Devil knows you're wed.”

If New York's rewards are any indication, the debauchery will just keep coming. One of their best sellers was “A Strip and a Strip,” which consisted of admission, a cocktail and a steak at Robert's, and a dance at Scores for $50.

Single men of L.A., we won't blame you for signing up. Go for it. But seriously, if you're married, maybe just stick to the jerky.

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