Three Ways To Stimulate Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Naturally

Male testosterone levels are on a steady decline, but we can change that. By optimizing your human growth hormone, you can optimize your levels of testosterone as well.

Screenshot 2023 10 05 at 6.43.44 PMBy 2045 it is predicted that male sperm counts will hit 0%, threatening human survival. Shanna Swan, a professor of environmental medicine and public health at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, reports that average sperm counts among western men have more than halved in the past 40 years, with no signs of slowing down.

Sedentary lifestyles and environmental toxins are just a few of the reasons why 1 in 4 men in the United States are dealing with low levels of testosterone, and why popular treatments like Testosterone Therapy are now on the rise.

Dustin Baker, President of BioProtein Technology, says virtually everything in modern life is an endocrine disruptor, from the amount of plastics and chemicals in our environment, to pesticides, and toxicity in our air.

“A vast majority of daily-use products, and how we store them in plastics are all endocrine disruptors,” he says. “Even our clothing that we wear is made out of plastic and so are the receipts that we touch. The more that we flood our society with these things, the bigger the impact will be over time.”

“The data shows that there is a snowball effect and it’s getting worse as we progress. Our lives might be getting easier from a technological perspective, but they’re not getting easier from a health and wellness perspective. It’s absolute destruction to the male body at this point,” he continues.

So what can one do to combat this?

The most popular form of treatment is of course Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It’s the process of replenishing the body’s testosterone levels, most commonly through injections. However, this type of treatment comes with many potential side effects, like an increased risk of heart disease, causing legitimate safety concerns to still linger.

“Anytime you replace a hormone with a synthetic drug, you’re going to shut down your natural hormone production. It’s called a negative feedback loop,” Baker explains. “So as soon as you inject growth hormone or you start injecting testosterone, now, the speed at which this happens is all dependent upon the actual amount that you’re taking, but you are going to shut down whatever’s left of your natural hormone production.”

To avoid this, Baker says there are three ways that you can stimulate your HGH levels naturally. Those are through sleep, high intensity interval exercise, and proper nutrition.

1. Sleep

“Seventy to ninety percent of male hormones are secreted during sleep during two recovery sleep cycles,” he says. “You have SWS, slow wave sleep, and you have REM sleep, and that’s when your body is restoring itself.”

“If you’re waking up a couple of times a night, or constantly waking up and falling back asleep, you are interrupting those sleep cycles, which means your body isn’t optimally secreting natural hormone production. But if you can fix your sleep, you can fix your hormone levels–and that’s free.”

2. High-Intensity Interval Exercise

“Studies are blatantly clear in showing that high-intensity interval training is the best method of exercise to spur human growth hormone naturally. It is a pulsating hormone, so you can spur its creation with intense bouts of exercise.”

Baker explains that when it comes to high intensity interval exercises, there are plenty of different programs you can follow, but typically it’s 30 seconds to a minute worth of work at 70-90% of maximal effort, followed by the equivalent amount of rest and repeated multiple times.

3. Nutrition

“If you fix your food, you’re going to fix a lot of things,” he says. A quick tip that Baker says will help with growth hormone production is to cut out sugar 3 hours before bed as sugar can interrupt the production of that hormone while you sleep.

With the year 2045 eerily close, it’s important that all men take the steps necessary to increase their testosterone levels, as our humanity depends on it–literally.

“It’s very serious, and people don’t think about their fertility until it’s too late. You never hear of someone in their twenties getting tested. You just automatically assume that you’re a fertile male and that’s not necessarily the case, especially in this day and age. And if you look at how much modern fertility treatments cost, we’re not talking ten grand, we’re talking six figures, you got to pick your battles,” Baker concludes.

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Dustin Baker, is the President of a disruptive company called BioProtein Technology and creator of BioPro+, which is the first non-synthetic alternative to taking HGH. Backed by many of the industry’s leading Physicians and Practitioners, BioPro+ is helping men take control of their hormone levels and overall health.

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