Welcome to criminal university, kids.

First lesson:

While plying your trade, don't target police. We can't emphasize this enough. In fact, while committing crimes, you really want to be as far away from cops as possible. Because they have radios and lots of friends and will ultimately thwart you.

We have an example we'll study today. We'll just call these three suspects …

… utter retards (allegedly).

Police in West Covina say the trio of teenagers tried to carjack an plainclothes cop as he drove an unmarked car on assignment yesterday afternoon.

Suspect Ronue Franklin.; Credit: West Covina Police

Suspect Ronue Franklin.; Credit: West Covina Police

Really guys? Didn't notice the big guy with the handlebar mustache in the flannel shirt speaking into his sleeve in a — oh, let's take a wild guess — bland, late-model American car. Really?

Cops say four suspects were on foot and throwing gang signs at passing motorists on West Covina Parkway near Toluca Avenue when the officer pulled up and one of them called out a gang, reached for his waistband and told the cop to get out.

According to a West Covina police statement:

Suspect Fredshun Cooper.; Credit: West Covina Police

Suspect Fredshun Cooper.; Credit: West Covina Police

One of the men yelled out a gang name, reached under his shirt to his waistband as if reaching for a weapon and demanded that the officer get out of the car.

Instead, the officer parked nearby, identified himself as a cop, and chased the foursome of geniuses as he radioed for backup, according to West Covina authorities.

Three of the four were caught, but not before challenging officers to a fight, police said.

Again, students, we'd recommend against this.

Arrested and jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail were Jerith Ryan Sims, 19, of Covina; Ronue Franklin, 18, of Los Angeles; and Fredshun Oliver Cooper, 19, of Covina.

Sims was booked on suspicion of carjacking, resisting arrest and challenging officers to a fight. The other two saw alleged violations of attempted carjacking, resisting arrest, and challenging cops to a fight.

No guns were found. (Well give the trio some credit for that).

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